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YMMV / Prickly City

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  • Awesome Moments: In response to Carmen's defense of waterboarding, Winslow forces her to actually go through it herself. She is surprisingly less enthusiastic about it afterward.
  • Designated Hero: Carmen; despite her portrayal as the Only Sane Man, her behavior can be really unpleasant and mean at times. A notable example is the arc where she has to flee ICE to avoid unjust deportation and Winslow's family takes her in to protect her, expecting nothing in exchange and having only just met her. She spends most of the arc complaining and insulting them for it. Despite being exaggerated caricatures of "leftism" whose views and positions range from conservative Democrat to outright Marxist from strip to strip, Winslow's family comes across as much nicer and more reasonable than Carmen; while they're sheltering and trying to get along with her despite their ideological differences and her open disdain for them, she's doing things like calling a board game they want to play with her stupid for being cooperative rather than competitive.
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  • Politically Incorrect Hero: As the Writer on Board obviously considers lack of political correctness to be a heroic trait in and of itself.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Stantis' ideas of what constitutes wacky and off-putting liberalism are (no pun intended) highly conservative. As a specific example, during the June 2018 arc, Carmen escapes ICE agents and finds refuge with Winslow's family. The readers are apparently expected to side with Carmen as she hears that the coyotes eat vegetarian food and listen to NPR, and decides she'd rather take her chances with incarceration and deportation.

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