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  • Awesome Music: The ending theme, "Do or Die" by Stuart Bogie.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jack's wife Lisa, who appeared in the board game stream, quickly became one for her overall geekiness and humor, as well as the fact that she won at Star Trek Catan. Jack's critics also appreciated her "reining in" his usual antics.
    • Karen, Rich's fiancée, appeared in a later stream and was also appreciated by viewers for her nerdiness and overall charm.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: While Rich is a teetotaler, Jack often drinks craft brew during live streams and discusses beer. In one episode, he talks about how his wife gave him the Father's Day gift of driving them back home from a weekend excursion so that he could day-drink on the last day. In 2020, however, Jack revealed that he was a functional alcoholic who had hidden his problem by drinking craft beer and being very responsible about when he drank.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • During a stream of Space Marine, Rich, Jack and Jay talk about Patton Oswalt's cameo in Space Cop and joke about how implausible it would be for him to appear on Best of the Worst, since it would require him to waste a whole day. Years later, Oswalt did appear in a Best of the Worst episode. In spite of watching a truly miserable line-up of movies, Oswalt has unofficially said he'd be open to doing it again some time.
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    • During a 2015 stream of Grand Theft Auto V, Rich, Jack and Jay are asked whether they ever got so drunk during an episode of Best of the Worst that they had to stop early and do the rest the next day. They all think the question is funny, saying that an episode requires so much behind-the-scenes work that it's actually quite implausible to get too drunk, especially when they have to drive home afterwards. During the 2018 Halloween episode of Best of the Worst, however, the gang did get so drunk that they had to stop recording and complete the episode the next day.
    • During a very early stream of Brutal Doom, Jack responds to a question asking if the duo will ever do an interview on the show. Jack says he's open to the possibility, but Rich states firmly that no one would ever agree to be interviewed by them. The pair would eventually conduct interviews with several game makers, including Edmund McMillen and two makers of Rich's favorite game, X Com 2.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Various phrases from the following comment, left on the Alien: Isolation episode, have received a ton of mileage note :
    TriGGletyplay: The Alien dosnt have eye sight you dumb fat, skinny fucks. Its pure instince. Look crocodile brain, like lion brain. Dont play the game. Uninstall it you boring twats. Dont dont about stuff you dont like. Do you know lessons of life? talk about stuff you do like. Twats.
    • The next Plinkett review being out tomorrow.
  • Older Than They Think: In 2012, there was an earlier attempt by Red Letter Media at reviewing video games called Game Station 2.0, also featuring Rich. For reasons unknown, Game Station only lasted four episodes. note 
  • Opinion Myopia: Jack and Rich state repeatedly that they literally cannot understand why anyone would like Alien: Isolation.


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