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YMMV / Prehistoric Assassins

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  • Nightmare Fuel: All of the predators depicted, but Deinonychus deserves a special mention. Perhaps it's due to the awkward, messy way its feathers are animated, thanks to the less-than-stellar effects, but the animal looks terrifying, and proves that feathered dinosaurs are not all cuddly little chicks. Not helped at all by the sounds they keep making.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The animals move ridiculously fast at times. The absurd speed of the Daspletosaurus' head as it lashes at the Corythosaurus makes the scene look rather laughable.
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    • As a Smilodon jumps on the back of a bison, you can see its paw clipping through the herbivore.
    • The lighting and rendering of the animals aren't too hot either.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Smilodon. Their faces are in a constant state of derp, border-lining Dull Surprise.

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