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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: According to the chat:
    • Carter Grayson (Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger) is trigger-happy with his gun.
    • Lothor is a troll and/or possibly Deadpool.
    • Cole Evans (Wild Force Red Ranger) is a psychopath and a Tarzan wannabe.
    • Eric (Time Force's Quantum Ranger) is Wes' (Time Force Red Ranger) cranky ex-boyfriend.
    • Ransik is a doting and doopy father.
    • Mesogog is the Only Sane Man amongst the main villains.
    • SPD practices police brutality on a whim.
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    • Cam (Ninja Storm Green Ranger) frequently is too busy playing League of Legends to show up to fights.
    • Conner (Dino Thunder Red Ranger) is a power-up junkie.
    • Justin (Turbo Blue Ranger) and Kite (Animus) were actively trying to get their respective teams killed.
    • Mentor Ji is Emperor Gruumm from SPD either pulling a Heel–Face Turn, being Evil All Along by being an ineffectual mentor; or his schizophrenia getting out of hand.
    • The Master is Donald Trump, contained behind a great wall.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: A lot of the more extreme comments involving Ric Medina in reference to more current events.
  • Designated Hero: Kite a.k.a "Justin" of Wild Force in spades, being reviled across the board by the chat to the point they were begging Cole to kill him.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Ransik a.k.a "Best Dad". The stream moderator even seemed to notice and featured him frequently in the clip bumpers.
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    • Zen-Aku was beloved by the chat even if Wild Force was ripe for Snark Bait.
    • Sensei from Ninja Storm during the time he functioned as a ranger after a bodyswap was seen as both awesome and hilarious.
    • Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder were the two most anticipated seasons, many counting down days ahead of time to get the air dates.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The chat certainly thought so of Astronema note . Surprisingly also happened with Beevil note  from Ninja Storm and the unnamed female mecha note  from SPD.
  • Fan Nickname: Extremely common due to either the character's primary trait, resemblance to another media, or sometimes mishearing their actual name.
    • Space Dad - Ecliptor
    • My Queen - Astronema
    • Justin, A Justin - Any annoying child character
    • Owl Justin - Circuit
    • Best Dad - Ransik
    • Lucio - Quantum Ranger's Mega Battle mode
    • Warwick, Leblanc, and Shaco - Zen-Aku, Toxica, and Jindrax
    • Rednecks - Retinax
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    • Lol-thor/Lulthor - Lothor
    • Master Splinter and Genji - Sensei and Cam (Green Samurai Ranger)
    • Clip - Cestro (Blue Alien Ranger) note 
    • Nasus, Nick Fury, Doggo - Commander Cruger
    • Bernie Sanders, That Ain't Falco, Justin Bird - Commander Birdie
    • Darth Vader - Koragg the Knight Wolf
      • And Daddy for his reformation as Leanbow
    • Sailor Moon or Mother Teresa - Claire the Gatekeeper
    • Dat Batch - Necrolai
    • Hackerman/Hackerwoman - Reserved for anyone who displays seemingly advanced computer proficiency, such as Raymond of Power Rangers Zeo who thwarted the computer virus with rapid typing and a floppy disk, or Rose of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
    • Mr. Freeze - Flurious
    • iMac - Mack note 
    • King Ghidorah - Dai Shi's true form
    • Mentor Gruumm - Mentor Ji note 
    • Falco/Dat Is Falco - Zenowing
  • Fridge Brilliance: Cruger (SPD Shadow Ranger), being called "Nasus" by the chat, makes his first big fight after mowing down 100 minions. League of Legends players will remember Nasus hits harder each time he lands a killing blow on a minion. So the reason he could now fight the general who beat him before? Simple. He just farmed 100 minions for a power-up!
  • Ham and Cheese: Grant Mc Farland as Lothor showing frequent annoyance at the other villains, leaning on, and then breaking of the Fourth Wall was a delight to even those in the chat.
  • Memetic Molester: Any monster with tentacle and/or tongue themes.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mesogog in a nutshell.
    Typical chat response: THIS IS A KID SHOW!?
  • Periphery Demographic: A large majority of the chat are over eighteen years old watching a marathon stream of a children's show.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Justin from Turbo was so disliked that any child character the chat took a disliking to was dubbed "Justin".
    • Cole Evans from Wild Force due to recent events...
    • Supreme Commander Birdie from SPD. Not 5 minutes into the episode and the chat was calling for blood.

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