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YMMV / Political Animals

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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: While it is an engaging series in its own right, most people seem to remember T.J. kissing a few boys the most.
  • Tear Jerker
    • Elaine finding T.J. after his suicide attempt, desperately calling for help as she pulls him from the car.
      • A later episode shows the events leading up to it - the closeted and married Republican senator he's fallen in love with gets blackmailed by the VP to change his vote, he breaks it off with T.J., who has been sober for six months, leading him to the suicide attempt and the self-destructive cycle he's stuck in by the start of the series.
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    • Air Force One crashing. Elaine was about to accept Garcetti's VP offer...
    • Bud finding T.J. after his overdose.
    • The scene where Elaine tearfully talks about what happened to T.J., and how hard his life is compared to the rest of them.

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