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YMMV / Pokemon: The Shadow Of Nemesis

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  • Les Yay: It's hard not to view Melody's feelings for Abigail as romantic.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Melody's Yandere tendencies. She almost considers knifing Peggy and Alex because they don't agree with Abigail's plan to head to Blackthorn.
    • Melody is scary enough on her own, but her Mareep Tesla is arguably worse.
    The sheep was a demon beast, sent from the fiery pits of the Distortion World… AND HE DEMANDED A BLOOD SACRIFICE.
    • Speaking of Yanderes, the number of pictures of Yuno Gasai in the OOC section and mentions of locking other players in cages so they can't leave is both funny and disturbing.
  • The Woobie: Peggy. Just Peggy. From her parents breaking up, to her mother locking her away her whole life, to her grandpa dying, to her starter Pokemon hating her, to basically being somewhat of a Butt-Monkey, the kid can't catch a break. The fact that there are quite a few posts in the OOC that say 'Poor Peggy' only confirms this.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Abigail, who despite being a total jerk to a good portion of the other characters, just wants a friend and doesn't know how to make one. So she ends up getting disliked by the rest of the cast, so much so that they all laugh at her when Peggy slaps her. Well, except for Melody of course... but Melody has her own issues.

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