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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Was Damian's step-mom refusing to let him venture off on a Pokémon journey because she was afraid Damian would follow in his biological mother's footsteps and join a cult? Or perhaps, because Damian's mother was Audrey from the Abyssal Cult, she was afraid Damian would instantly become a target if he left the town and tried to make a name for himself? ... or, is she just a bitch?
  • Fridge Brilliance: It's mentioned in passing that the Torren region was the ones at war with the Kalos region some 3,000 years ago, before King AZ used the Ultimate Weapon against them. Since the Ultimate Weapon also had the side-effect of introducing Mega Evolution into the world, it actually makes perfect sense that the Torren region (like the Kalos region) would have an influx of never-before-seen Mega Stones, as well as being the perfect place for the "Perfection" Cult to research the science behind Mega Evolution.
    • You can visit the first Augur's hideout in Gaea Town after beating the Elite Four, and there you find the TM for False Swipe, a move that can never KO an opponent. The humor sets in when you realize that the First Augur destroyed several cults but never actually punished the members of said cults, and thus never finished them off — just like False Swipe!
  • Goddamned Bats: The Trainers of the Selene Gym, their Pokémon are fully evolved Psychic and Ghost types that average around level 60, but still only have no more than two Pokémon each. However, each trainer can realistically knock out or seriously damage one or two members of your team, forcing you to heal, and worse, because of special rules, every trainer in this gym barely gives any experience points, making every fight feel like a waste of time. Luckily, there's a secret passage that allows you to skip every trainer and head straight for the Gym Leader, Diana.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • This game allows you to capture Delta Pokémon, which was inspired by the Delta Species line in Pokémon TCG, which gave a majority of Pokémon different typings. On August 1st 2016, Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced Alolan Pokémon that uses a similar concept, such as making the Fire-type Vulpix an Ice-type.
    • This game introduced the concept of doing away with the Scrappy Mechanic of an HM Slave by making moves like Surf and Flash into items, and allow many alternate moves to work like Strength and Rock Smash. Again, come Pokémon Sun/Moon, the official game has finally done away for the need for HMs by instead providing free Ride Pokémon that don't take a slot in the player's party.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: All over the place. Basically, if you're expecting this to be like any other Pokémon game, prepare to be shocked.
  • Narm:
    • Both the Dark and Traditional storylines get accused of this; the attempt at being Darker and Edgier sometimes desceneded into 'Edgelord' territory at some points, to the point the developer eventually added the option of a Lighter and Softer mode. However, for those who like the Dark storyline, Traditional can seem forcefully silly and nonsensical in comparison, with some claiming it makes less sense.
    • Some lines of dialogue are also so self-aware to the point they become this, like Jaern referring to himself as a "Chaotic Good" character, and Persephone referring to things as outright being "edgy". Another instance happens when Audrey literally calls the protagonist a "special snowflake".
    • Another thing is that the cults in-game refer to themselves as cults, which is something real life religious groups, even if they're classified as such, would never do.
  • Nightmare Fuel: At the beginning of the game, the player is imprisoned by the Cult Of Darkrai, where their memories are being eaten by Gengar. Then when you escape, Persephone sacrifices one of her members to summon Darkrai.
  • Strawman Has a Point: When Jaern points out that while The First Augur did break up several cults, he also showed mercy and spared punishment to any members who begged for his forgiveness. As a result, those former cult members learned nothing from their mistakes and would eventually just join another cult, thus really making no progress (while there were less cults, every remaining cult would have a swell in membership).
  • That One Boss: Unsurprisingly given the game's difficulty, there are several fights in the game that can really give you a hard time if you're not prepared.
    • Mega Beedrill in the second gym battle, it has a ludicrous amount of speed and attack power as well as having a great spread of moves, making it a Glass Cannon that can very realistically sweep your party with little effort. And this is when you don't have access to Mega Evolution yet.note 
    • Orion, the first gym leader, is extremely difficult since his sunlight-themed team has moves that you probably won't have until much later in the game. His Vulpix has Flamethrower and Energy Ball, two 90 power attacks that most people won't have access to unless they have some gym badges first.
      • Fortunately, two of his Pokémon, Larvesta and Fletchinder, have a double-weakness to Rock...of course, you won't know that until you actually fight him.
    • Nora, in her Metchi Town battle, who has five bulky Pokémon, including a level 28 Celebi. It has base 100 stats across the board while most Pokémon are still unevolved, which can really hurt your team if you don't have anything for it.note 
    • The Taen battle at the peak of the Dragon Ruins is difficult for the reason that it is a tag-team battle, with Nora joining you vs. 2 of Taen's Pokémon at a time. Nora uses only three Pokémon, however, and they are not very good matchups against Taen's lineup. Worse, once Nora's Pokémon have fainted, you may not send out a second of your own to take their place. It's not uncommon to find yourself taking Taen's Pokémon on 1 vs. 2 for a significant portion of the battle. And that is not even mentioning Taen's team, which includes several pseudo-legendaries, White Kyurem, Armored Zekrom, and a Mega Typhlosion, whose ability raises its already gargantuan special attack whenever it knocks one of your Pokémon out. Have fun.
    • The Elite Four battles in this game are considered one of the hardest in any game ever. Their teams revolve around competitive strategies rather than types and all their Pokémon are at the same level as your highest-level Pokémon.
    • The Champion, Reukra, takes it Up to Eleven. He leads with an Armored Tyranitar that has Sand Stream, meaning its defenses will go up by 25 percent, so special Fighting type moves wouldn't be able to KO it easily. He has a good number of Deltas and legendaries as well as a Mega Flygon that can run through your team if you're not prepared. Worst of all is his Armored Delta Volcarona. It has the Dark/Poison typing making it only weak to Ground; but it also has the ability Levitate to avoid its only weakness. And like the Elite Four, his team is at the same level as your highest level Pokémon.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Mega Marowak combined with the spirit of their deceased mother, gaining the Ghost sub-type as it wields a mighty both hammer/scythe... except the placement of the weapon, plus the fact that only the head of said weapon has a ghostly glow (thus making it look disconnected from the rest of the weapon), instead makes it looks like there's a giant bone protrusion eerily floating in front of Mega Marowak's crotch for some reason. This may be why Mega Marowak has been given a redesign for the next update.
  • The Un-Twist: The revelation that Jaern, the Second Augur, is a bad guy can be this to some. Players can become suspicious from his talk of taking up the mantle of Augur, but also searching for the First one and his overall slightly stilted speech in the beginning of the game.
  • The Woobie: Delta Pokémon are portrayed as this, as they are described as outcasts from other Pokémon, usually have a hard time getting used to their new typings, and cannot breed due to the genetic modifications making them sterile (although they can breed with Delta Ditto). Delta Sunkern's Pokédex entry says it's been outright shunned, Delta Budew has to hide in a dark library as its modifications have caused its eyes to become too sensitive to stand being in the sun, and as for the Delta Starters, although Prof. Sylvan agrees to keep one to study it, she says if the player and Damien don't take the other two, she'll just release them into the wild, despite knowing full well they'll probably die outside captivity.

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