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  • Narm: Dora and Kevin misbehave during the lesson about the night howlers is already pretty Narmy on its own thanks to the teacher treating a plot point in Zootopia as if it were an important fact, even giving Dora detention for not knowing what it was (although her guess, “an animal that howls at night,” was pretty reasonable), but what really drives it into the Narm Zone is the way the teacher reacts to Dora swearing because she’s frustrated at her inability to remember how the antidote was made. For some, it might bring up memories of Teen Girl Squad: “TOMPKINS MADE A SWEAR!”
  • Special Effects Failure: The software pronounces state initialisms as their full names (NY for New York, CA for California, etc), which can lead to strange moments such as "How dare you bring a North Carolina-17 rated movie to school!"
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: In this video, we're supposed to sympathize with Boris after Caillou installs an illegal virus in his computer. However, since he tells Caillou he loves him and "ungrounds" him, then starts slapping and pushing him after Caillou gets completely tricked, he comes off as no better than his son.
    • In this video, Dora's mother tells her to take a bath, which Dora constantly refuses to. While Dora's mother makes a good point that you're supposed to do something when you're told to, she tells Dora to come after 5 seconds (initially saying she had to go in 5 hours), and her answer to Dora's second refusal is to insult her and start physically abusing her. All in all, one can interpret Dora's acting out for the following time as her acting out due to the abuse she receives for that.

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