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  • Author's Saving Throw: Various videos created by DCoolFuture99 have been criticized for casting Macusoper as the Designated Villain while everyone else, especially Diesel, is a Designated Hero. However, the video "Diesel and Kate Get Divorced" starts an arc that remedies this: Macusoper turns over a new leaf, his mother, Kate, divorces Diesel and leaves with her daughters after he grounds Macusoper one time too many, Diesel's father takes in Macusoper and chews out and grounds Diesel for his abusive ways, and Jake, another character commonly criticized for being a Designated Hero, makes up with Macusoper, while also apologizing for his part of the conflict.
  • Designated Hero:
    • In DCoolFuture99 videos note , Diesel Busters acts more-or-less the same as he does in the same user's GoAnimate videos, with the added bonus of assaulting Macusoper unprovoked in some of them, and often going on a tangent about how much the latter sucks. The later videos, however, did away with this and showed him getting his comeuppance for his bad parenting.
    • Dora's mother can come across as very cruel in some videos, especially those by JohnAnimator231//ViceyFanatic, where she verbally and physically abuses Dora for stuff like taking other's lunches, doubting that they'd go to KFC, trying to order there note , getting too fat after eating at Pizza Hut, and refusing to take a bath. Her father has also grounded her for chatting with Caillou, kissing Kevin, and singing her theme song, and she was assaulted by her grandmother for bringing Cleopatra to life.
  • Narm: Dora and Kevin misbehave during the lesson about the night howlers is already pretty Narmy on its own thanks to Mrs. Christina treating a plot point in Zootopia as if it were an important fact, even giving Dora detention for not knowing what it was (although her guess, "an animal that howls at night," was pretty reasonable), but what really drives it into the Narm Zone is the way she reacts to Dora swearing because she’s frustrated at her inability to remember how the antidote was made. For some, it might bring up memories of Teen Girl Squad: “TOMPKINS MADE A SWEAR!”
    • Arguably most videos made on the platform anyway, which can result in a lot of Stylistic Suck and So Bad, It's Good videos.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • The software pronounces state initialisms as their full names (NY for New York, CA for California, etc), which can lead to strange moments such as "How dare you bring a North Carolina-17 rated movie to school!"
    • Sometimes, a glitch causes a character to lose their body and become a floating head.
    • Since it's very hard to make the characters say sound effects, some videos have the characters halt their action when they swear by using a sound effect.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Unsurprisingly for a Grounded video host, there are many instances where the grounder comes off as a Jerkass or worse, especially when they physically attack the groundee for a relatively minor offense:
    • In this video, we're supposed to sympathize with Boris after Caillou installs an illegal virus in his computer. However, since he decides to deal with Caillou by tricking him to think he loves him and "ungrounding" him, then slapping and shoving him after Caillou gets completely tricked, when he could've just told him off for that or even do that outright, he comes off as no better than his son.
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    • In this video, Dora's mother tells her to take a bath, which Dora constantly refuses to. While Dora's mother makes a good point that you're supposed to do something when you're told to, she tells Dora to go do so 5 seconds after the first time (despite saying it would be in 5 hours), and her answer to Dora's second refusal is to call her a "stupid piece of crap" and start physically abusing her by slapping, shoving, force choking, poking and shaking her. All in all, one can interpret Dora's acting out for the following time as her acting out due to the abuse she receives for not wanting to take a bath.
    • This video has Little Bill's father take him to Red Lobster, telling him to behave well before they go. However, while his threat to assault Bill is questionable, what puts him squarely in this category is calling Bill a "stupid idiot" and slapping him, both twice.
    • Perhaps one of the most glaring examples is this video. While Dora does misbehave, her mother starts out the video by yelling at Dora to come to her. Then after she tells Dora they're going to KFC, Dora doubts it. Then her mother assaults her four times: once by slapping, shoving, force choking, poking and shaking her to assure her it's true and to warn her that she'll get grounded if she misbehaves, once by slapping and shoving her after that, and twice by slapping and shoving her after Dora cries (even telling her "Stop crying, you moron!"). Then when Dora orders food, she slaps her, tells her she doesn't deserve it because she's stupid, and decides to eat it just to tease her. Judging by her mother's cruelty, Dora destroying KFC and "killing girl to death" isn't completely unjustified. As if that wasn't enough, after Dora somehow dies and gets revived, her mother insults and assaults her again for being bewildered by that.


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