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YMMV / Please Like Me

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  • LGBT Fanbase: This show is very popular due to its realistic portrayal of gay men.
  • Scenery Porn: 'Scroggin' is an entire episode of Josh and Rose hiking through Tasmania, and was filmed on location (except for one scene at a waterhole, which even then is a decent facsimile).
  • The Woobie:
    • Josh's life takes a harsh turn right at the beginning of the series: he's dumped by his girlfriend, he discovers that he is gay, his mom attempted suicide and he has to move back with her to take care of her. While he puts up a brave front, he almost tears up at the end of the day, visibly quite upset, before resuming his facade. The next episodes just show how emotionally withdrawn he really is, preventing him from connecting to people on a meaningful level, something which becomes a huge problem when Josh is dating Geoffrey. After Aunt Peg dies, Josh finally breaks.
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    • Geoffrey is treated rather badly by Josh several times. The poor guy always wears his heart on his sleeve, but Josh is unable to reciprocate his feelings, and keeps belittling him.

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