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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Expect to see a lot of Foot Soldiers in Multiplayer. They can put out large amounts of damage no matter how far away they are from the battle and have little spread. Rocket jumps can bring them to places no other zombie can reach, and the ZPG is perfect for assasinating rooted plants or chompers.
  • Creepy Cute: The Alien, Vampire and Stuffy variants of the Sunflowers all have very unusual looks with the Alien sending out a mist that can hurt any enemies standing near them, Vampire having the ability to gain health after hitting and/or vanquishing her foes and the Stuffy is a live toy that sends out healing orbs after vanquishing opponents. Also, neither the Alien or Stuffy variants ever blink. What keeps them from being 100% creepy is that still have the endearing characteristics of the other Sunflowers.
  • Demonic Spider: There is quite lot of these in Garden Ops.
    • Foot Soldiers are annoying to deal, having unusually good accuracy and have a tendency to rocket jump as you get near them.
    • Scientists. Not only can they heal zombies and themselves, they can deal a giant amount of damage to players, are also pretty good at accuracy and can easily KO players. Thankfully, they've been nerfed in the sequel.
    • Engineers can create teleporters for more zombies to join the fight. Their Sonic Grenades can also stun you, which is really bad if there's more than just the Engineer nearby or if you're low on health without anyone nearby to help.
    • Armoured zombies such as casket and barrel variants are a pain to deal with, unless there's a Chomper on the team or you know that you have to shoot at their faces or legs to take them out quicker.
      • Their plant variations are just as bad.
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    • Giga Gnomes are the main source of grief to many players in [[Spoiler= Infinty Time]] and for good reason. While slow, if you get blindsided, they will clobber you with a 300 hp smash. (which would be a one hit KO if fought in the Trials of Gnomes) They also have a laser beam similar to Giga Gargantuars, but tracks perfectly. This isn't too bad with most of the cast, but good luck with the very clunky [[Spoiler:Infinity Robots]].
    • Yeti imps. They will become a bother if one gets to you and explodes, slowing you down, which in turn makes you an easy target.
    • Superheroes can take quite the beating and deal a lot of damage if they get close. Better hope they're low on health when they activate their Turbo Twister whilst you're close to them.
    • There's also some in Graveyard Ops.
    • Roses, since they're able to slow you down, turn you into a goat, which in turn will make you unrevivable if you die as one and thanks to their homing attacks, will be hitting you a lot. That fact they can be hard to hit, thanks to being thin and have a smug grin on their faces, most of the time doesn't help.
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    • Citrons. As if their giant health isn't enough, they're able to block your attacks for a bit with their shield, stun you and can deal a massive amount of damage with their orange beam, alone.
    • Chompers. Their bites can do a lot of damage and can stop you cold with their Goop, which'll leave you wide open for assault.
  • Fanfic Fuel: The war that makes up both games has been seen as an opportunity by many to create personal stories of those who fought in it, usually plants. Unfortunately, this also comes at the cost of making War Is Hell a recurring theme, which leads to a ton of Tear Jerkers.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: You know how the Boss Yetis tends to avoid going near you since just touching him hurts and they has a close-range instant freeze attack? Well recently, likely due to the removal of them getting back into the corner, there's a possible chance they run STRAIGHT AT YOU, turning them from annoying to difficult and their Super Boss round from hard to VERY hard.
  • Goddamned Boss: Baron Von Bats. He has a large amount of health, can heal upon scratching a plant and can summon zombies that also gain health by clawing at the plants. His teleporting can also get annoying as he's invincible whilst doing so. You could say he's... God Damn (Baron Von) Bats.
    • Thankfully the summoned zombies can quickly be taken care of, especially by Electric Plants and he's been nerfed in the sequel, as he doesn't teleport as much and isn't invincible whilst doing so.
    • The Yeti is another irritating Boss. It can deal damage and push you back if you touch it, even when it's not moving and has attack that instantly freezes you still if you're close to it. Even worse is when it goes towards you when most of the time, it's trying to back a way from you. Fortunately, it's other moves are easier to deal with like the icicle rain attack, which is easy to avoid and leaves it wide open for assault.
    • The Super Bean from 2. It's a Shielded Core Boss who has a forcefield that protects it from damage, and it regenerates the forcefield after teleporting. Also, it will liberally use Teleport Spam and Flash Step in order to avoid damage and make the fight last even longer. Super Bean's attacks are no slouch either, annoying Hitscan Eye Beam, a cape spin, and a huge constant beam Desperation Attack that, while not that painful, makes him take greatly reduced damage for the duration to prolong the fight even more. The good news is that you have four Super Brains, an Imp and a few other zombies assisting you in his Boss Fight in his Quest, the bad news is that multiple of them can appear as a Degraded Boss in the Endless Flag mode.
  • Hypocritical Fandom: The reddit community expresses an unfair stigma against the plant classes. If you don't want to read any of the bullets, the community complain that the plants are overpowered while ignoring the zombies have the same abilities and quirks they hate so much.
    • Rose is hated by the community because of her ability to temporarily stun zombies for a full 4 seconds (only allowing them to shoot) restrict their abilities by turning them into goats (temporarily), and to make herself temporarily intangible with ArcaneEnigma. By claiming no character should have these abilities, they convinced Popcap to nerf her severely. Meanwhile they justify...
      • Engineer, who has a better stun that completely shuts down plants (They can't even shoot). In fact, the community claims he needed a buff. Since he was the teleporter creator and group control class his play-style requires him to be alone often, so it's fine he has that powerful stun. Strangely Rose is meant to be a counterpart of engineer, but of course she can't defend herself because she's stinky.
      • Gravity grenade is also better than Rose's stuns. It shuts down plants' abilities, able to rip out rooted plants, and is used by the Imp zombie. Meaning he doesn't even need a stun given his mobility. But stinky Rose, right?
    • Citron (The mobile tank class for plants) receives similar hate, mostly because of how much damage he can do even at long range even though he's meant to be close range. Another supposedly close-range character who can deal insane damage from far away is Super Brainz (Melee Zombie). When Citron's range was nerfed Popcap was praised for finally balancing the game, but when Super Brainz was tuned in order to be an actual melee class, the entire community whined about how he was unable to defend himself at long range, despite the fact Super Brainz's mobility was buffed to compensate while Citron received no such compensation. Citron was suffering from the same problems, but no one really cared.
  • Moe: The Sunflower is very endearing with her soft voice, cheerfulness and funny taunts. It helps that she's The Medic of the Plant team.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: When you get a vanquish, especially if it was against a Boss Zombie or a Nemesis.
    • Being revived.
    • When you're getting healed. More so with the Sunflower's Heal Beam.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Sunflower Queen takes Creepy Cute Up to Eleven — a gigantic, smiling glowing sunflower who has a powerful beam attack and minions keeping her healthy. She's not difficult to defeat but she's just Uncanny Valley scary.
    • Darren Rawlings, one of the concept artists, has an ArtStation account where he posted some plants/zombies variants that didn't make into the game. Some look cool, but others, like the Toxic Cactus variant concepts, can be rather disturbing.
    • The furious roars of the zombot at the end of Zombopolis are a bit unnerving.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Garden Warfare 2 improved on a lot of the ideas in Garden Warfare 1.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: A Chomper can not eat any of the Boss Zombies yet if he tries to, he will go into the animation where he acts like he did, leaving the Chomper open for assault for a couple of seconds.
    • The fact that new class abilities are mainly sold through Rux's shop. Rux's shop as a whole could count; the items he sells are only available for a short time and when time's up, his line-up changes. For minor things like cosmetics, it's not as bad, but for bigger purchases like new abilities, you either get them or don't. Don't have good enough Internet to play that often? Unable to rack up the (usually) half a million coins to buy the ability before Rux goes on hiatus? Say goodbye to that alternate ability likely forever.
  • That One Achievement: Graveyard Shift in the first game. It requires you to defeat a Super Vampire Wave in Garden Ops. While defeating it is difficult enough, (you have deal with three Barons) the problem comes with actually getting the right combination in the slot machine. If you get anything other than three Barons, you have to restart all the way from Wave 1 again and there are a lot of possible outcomes. Not to mention that it's nearly impossible to pull off solo as boss waves will never spawn. To top it off, even if you do get the Wave, there's a high possibilty of disconnecting.
  • That One Level: GW and its sequel have positively recognized maps, but one angers many zombie players, Seeds of Time. The main problem is that plants have more crowd control than zombies, and they are the ones defending. There are many places where the plants can ubuse crowd control, like the hallways of Zygpt. The worst part is the final minigame; the zombies have to push a battle ram to a castle, then smash down the gates. It is very, very easy for a stray chilli bomb or hot potato to wreck all of the zombies at once, since they need to stay together to move the ram. The icing on the cake? Once the ram reaches the castle, the plants will literally spawn seconds behind the ram, while the zombies have to walk a long way to the ram if they get vanquished.
    • Zombopolis is another big offender. The main reason is that the minigame at the end is stacked heavily in the zombies' (the defending team) favor. The objective for the plants is to destroy a generator (which has a large amount of health), which in turn makes the small and hard-to-find weak points on the charging Zombot vulnerable. They're only vulnerable for a short time and when the force fields around them come back up, the generator respawns, forcing the plants to destroy it again. Repeat until the Zomboss is destroyed. The problem is that, of course, the plants only have a few minutes to do this. Most of the plants' time will be spent trying to even get close enough to the generator to destroy it before having to locate and shoot all the tiny weak points on the Zombot while also not being blown up by the zombies.
  • That One Sidequest: The Treasure Yeti challenge is difficult because the Player(s) will have to deal with Yeti Imps and Foot Soldiers along with All-Stars and Scientists in the Wave 8 version whilst chasing after the aforementioned Treasure Yeti who has a lot of health and whilst he has only 1 attack, it will freeze any Player who comes in contact with it. The short time-limit doesn't help.
    • Thankfully the challenge has been nerfed in the second game now only having Fan and Yeti Imps and a longer time limit.
    • The No Damage challenge is also difficult because it only needs one player to be striked for it to be considered a fail. The no KO variation is slightly less difficult.
    • Speed Run is also difficult, depending on how many Zombies/Plants there is or if you're doing this whilst going against a special Wave.
    • Champion Rounds. Here, you will be mostly fighting Hero Plants/Zombies with bigger health than usual. Crazy Dave or Zomboss help you if you end up fighting the Demonic Spiders. Thankfully, the challenge at least gives you coins for defeating the Champions.
    • Hunting down the Champions challenge can be difficult as well, due to having a small time limit and only a very small increase in time if you defeat a Champion. Sometimes the chances of winning the challenge will depend on the location of where the Champions spawn! The Cactus variation is even worse since she will usually try to run a way from you and your teammates.
    • The Squash challenge is much more difficult than it's Zombie counterpart, thanks to the Squash's tendency to being spawned rather close to the Graveyard, having a giant amount of health and no Zombies capable of slowing it down. The fact that this is one of the challenges where failing results in the Graveyard losing health will make you hope you don't ever have to go through this challenge.
  • That One Boss: The Super Yeti Wave. The Yeti is already a difficult foe but dealing with not only more than 1, but also Arctic Troopers, ice variations of the already annoying Foot Soldiers, Yeti Imps and AC Perries, ice variants of Engineers is even worse, as all of this foes can slow you down with enough hits and even freeze you, making you unable to move or attack for a couple of seconds. This Super Boss Wave is so difficult, you'll be very likely having a hard time on Normal!
    • The Yeti King Boss Hunt is even worse. Like the Spooky Squash, a few tasks need to be completed before the team can do some real damage to him. The problem is, said tasks always take over around a minute before appearing and the first task, if failed will result in a Total Party Kill. The first task involves destroying popsicles that appear as the Yeti King is dancing and you start with 24 seconds. However, destroying the popsicles only gives 8 seconds to the time limit and it takes over 200 damage to destroy 1. Along with that, they always appear in random areas, so it's possible you might've destroyed one popsicle just in time, only to see that the next one is way too far from you or your other teammates. And as if that wasn't enough, a Disco Zombie appears as the task begins and a regular Yeti appears after you complete it. The next task involves defeating a Champion Imp and taking him down before picking up the item that'll give the team a boost in power. However, there is many problems with this one, too. 1, the one who picks the item up will have an aura around them, which the other players will have to be standing at to get the boost in power as well. 2, the Imp could end up being spawned far a way from the King Yeti, meaning you could end up wasting time making your way towards him. And 3, the King Yeti, like the regular Yetis tends to move a way from you, which can cause a lot of trouble, considering the aforementioned aura. All of that plus the fact that you'll have to deal with regular Zombies, Yeti Imps and the ice variants of Soldiers, Engineers and All-Stars and likely being frozen constantly makes this the hardest Boss Hunt yet.
    • Out of the Infinity Giants, Ultra Commander, Citron Overload, and Giant Stalk get the most hate, and for the same reason. Each will spam very powerful explosive projectiles that can rip apart even a 2000 hp robot in a flash. And for Catron players, Giant Stalk and Citron Overload can be encountered at the same time if you are sloppy if both gnome kings retreat.
    • Gnomous The Gnome King is very painful to fight. He fires hundreds and hundreds of projectiles and can switch to a very damaging rainbow laser if you keep your distance. The main draw is the hundreds and hundreds of painful minons he will spawn throughout the fight. The second wave is the worst, by far. Gnomous leaves the arena, and spawns an entire wave of plants or zombies, depending on which Infinity Robots are in play. It consists of all the Demonic Spiders listed above, alonside degraded bosses(Including the Squash) and two giant plants/zombies. God help you if Giant Stalk or Ultra Commander are released. Once the giants are down, the king respawns alongside another wave of gnomes. Thankfully, the minons can just be ignored, but be ready for a beating.
  • Ugly Cute: The zombies, much like in the original Plants Vs Zombies.
    • The Chomper and Cactus.
    • The Zombot Turrets in the 1st game and many in the 2nd.

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