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  • Adorkable: A lot of INDEV's confusion makes him adorable. He once flipped out when someone cracked their knuckles. His reaction to someone who had just given birth was also pretty great.
    INDEV: You made life! You made life, that's incredible!
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Since the comic is on an early hiatus and all current information comes from a known Trolling Creator, there's a lot of it.
    • Vendetta: Is he a repressed man struggling with emotional issues because of his poor upbringing, or is he a dangerous and unrestrained sociopath with an unhealthy dedication to Miss Mahogany?
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    • Jay: A well-meaning man who can't help his ditziness but wants to be the best dad he can, or a lethally stupid man who permanently scarred his son because of his terrible parenting?
    • Marissa: An irredeemable and vile character with no positive traits, or a mentally and emotionally broken woman who seriously needs help?
    • The Pilot himself: Unintelligent robot with a few good moments of insight, or a very smart robot with some stupid behaviors?
    • Yesman: A Tragic Monster who genuinely didn't know what he was doing and deserves to be forgiven, or an unrepentant monster who caused extreme amounts of harm and got away with it by making excuses for his actions?
      • It gets worse when you get into discussions as to whether or not he's a Creator's Pet, and has his flaws glanced over simply because the creator likes him.
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    • INDEV: After the Guilty Rogue arc, the fandom is split down the middle as to whether INDEV is still the nice and loving robot he was before, has always been a cruel monster, or is somewhere in the middle. Like Yesman, it gets worse when you get into meta discussions about whether or not he was made more evil just to make Yesman look better.
  • Broken Base: Was the Guilty Rogue arc a well-written bit of the story, showing off the better parts of a former villain and the worse parts of a former hero? Or was it a terribly-written arc that Flanderized a murderer with some good qualities into a complete innocent and a mostly-innocent character with some bad qualities into a monster? The fact that nobody's even sure if it's canon or not only adds more fuel to the fire.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The cast is filled with them. Because of the Schedule Slip with the main comic, a lot of time is spent with side characters, instead of the main characters of the comics.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: One of the earliest sketches of Vendetta features him threatening the Purple Guy with a needle due to the fact that PG Would Hurt a Child. As it turns out, so would Vendetta.
  • Memetic Mutation: Saying a ridiculous plot twist that would end the comic. Usually followed by getting yelled at for spoiling the comic, or Deo saying "That's it, Pilot's over, everyone go the fuck home."
    • Jokes about the author's love of creating new characters are abundant, usually done by taking something really strange or stupid and suggesting that a character be made based on it.
  • The Woobie: The artist is a known Trolling Creator, with a love of torturing people's favorite characters that could potentially rival Hussie's, so naturally there's a lot of these.
    • Artman's creator was killed by the OB Mafia, and his entire family was scattered by Mr. Schaffer so that they wouldn't suffer the same fate. This caused him to fall into depression. Several failed relationships later, Artman developed into the Lovable Sex Maniac we know today.
    • Vangel has become this as well, following Vendetta and Jay's argument. On top of being insulted several times and seeing his father get hit so hard that his face is bleeding, Vendetta, a trained assassin with enough strength in his arms to smash robots with his bare hands, almost hits him in the face. After the event, he's haunted by Feud, a new schizophrenic hallucination who appears to be based off of what he thinks of Vendetta - in this case, a horrible, unlikable monster who exists to cause him pain and misery. And, on top of all that, he now has to live with the fact that it's very possible that he's simply a Replacement Goldfish for Vendetta, and may even now believe that his own parents don't love him. Many a fan just wishes they could give the poor little guy a hug after all this...
    • Matty is also one. He has terminal lung cancer, and not very long left to live. He pretends to have control over time, and that he owns a pet raptor named Rewind. He hates cowboys and scorpions, as well. Any fans of a certain in-universe work can probably see where this is going. He somehow became close friends with Zing, and after he passed away, she got her team to add in a new character named Father Time, who possessed several of the same qualities as Matty. Zing also told them to give Father Time one power he never had: the inability to die.
    • Vex is one as well. He was created to be a recycling robot, collecting trash and finding new purposes for it, but he had trouble telling the difference between trash and valuables. After his creator died, there was nobody to keep him from stealing anymore, leading to him accidentally becoming a thief. Now, he's on the run from the police, hiding underground to stay safe after he accidentally took a valuable jewelry box.
    • Taizo was built to be an expressive robot to run a game show, but he was a bit too expressive. His hand gestures and cane swinging were over-the-top, and he accidentally hit a whole bunch of contestants. After giving a contestant a bad concussion, it was decided that he would be shut down and taken apart (and keep in mind that this is a world where Androids Are People, Too). He's now hiding out underground with the other rogue robots. His situation is made even worse because he doesn't speak very much English, and so he's surrounded by robots who he can barely communicate with.
      • Even worse are his friends, the other robots who ran the game show with him. They didn't even do anything wrong; they were decommissioned just because they worked with Taizo. Not all of them were lucky enough to even escape like Taizo did, and several of them were shut down permanently.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Yesman. He was created to be a son for the circus' ringmaster, Mary, and he had a pretty good life. Then, his mother committed suicide, leaving him with only the words "The show must go on". Without his mom, Yesman developed autophobia, the fear of being alone. He came up with a plan to never be left alone: take anyone who wanted to join the circus against their will, and forcibly turn them into a cyborg through an extremely painful process. His former best friend becomes repulsed by his actions, and tries to kill him and put the other performers out of their misery. All of this because he couldn't take being alone, and lacks the emotional maturity to see what he's doing is wrong.

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