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YMMV / Pigs Is Pigs

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • At least before The Reveal, anyway. Is the scientist fattening up Piggy just for the sake of it? Does he do it just to get off on it? Is he going to eat Piggy once he's fattened up properly? Or is it just a cruel way to murder the hapless kid?
    • Some have wondered whether Piggy actually remembered his nightmare at the end of the short. It's perfectly normal to forget your dreams, even if you remember them right when you wake up, however, Piggy's cheeky grin at the camera as he runs down to eat breakfast strongly suggests that he didn't care and went right back to stuffing himself, and it would make the short more ironic.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Piggy, on whether he's sympathetic enough to the point where it's pure torture to see him in such pain or a real piece of work who starves his family out.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Piggy desperately pining for food, rubbing his empty belly and licking his chops at imaginary food.
    • Piggy's eyes become massive when he smells the pies his mother has put out. He eats one, but his mother saves the last one and Piggy accidentally bites his own hands. When his mother begins reprimanding him, Piggy completely ignores her and continues fantasizing about food.
    • When dinner is ready, Piggy runs to the dinner table at an almighty speed, knocking over all of his siblings and causing a gust of wind that nearly knocks over his mother.
    • Piggy tries to begin gobbling down the food set out for them, but his hands are smacked with a ruler by his mother. As Piggy flails in pain, his mother angrily marches to the other end of the table, not taking one eye off of her son and glaring.
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    • During the family prayer, Piggy cries, "And pleeease: could we have lots and lots of ice cream tonight??"
    • Piggy's tiny voice is both adorable and hilarious.
    • The "hold the onions" gag from Friz Freleng debuts here when Piggy is force fed his first giant sandwich.
    • By the end of the day, Piggy is an obese blob who looks like he's having trouble breathing and is bursting out of his restraints. The scientist pokes his stomach and we hear a loud squeak.
    • While also disturbing and depressing, Piggy's pathetic attempts at waddling back to his mother count. He can barely move and sways with each step, dangerously close to constantly falling over.
    • Piggy completely lights up when he sees more food available, rips off a piece, and plops it in his mouth. He chews with visible pleasure... and pops, having been killed by his gluttony.
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    • Piggy awakens from his nightmare and is clearly horrified at his death in the dream, screaming "no" before jumping out of his bedsheets. His mother calls her children to breakfast, and Piggy gapes in apparent horror, clearly remembering some inkling of his nightmare... But smiles gleefully at the camera, as if to say "Gotcha, suckers!", scurries downstairs, and begins glutting himself with renewed vigor.
  • Heartwarming Moments: There are a few.
    • The sight of the piglets (minus) Piggy playing and frolicking happily in their front yard, without a care in the world.
    • Then their innocent, happy run to the house when their mother announces that dinner is ready.
    • Mrs. Hamhock seems to be a perfectly loving, nurturing mother to her children and is seen doting happily as they file into the table for supper, and leads them in a prayer.
    • Before the main plot kicks in, there's one little scene in which it's bedtime for the piglets, and they're all sleeping peacefully, presumably having been fed something else since Piggy ate their dinner. The music is also very quiet, peaceful, and soothing.
    • Heck, the little piglets in general are adorable and seem to be perfectly sweet kids. Which makes it all the more amusing that Piggy is so selfish and greedy.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Loads of it.
    • Piggy's selfish gluttony in general, completely disregarding his family if it means getting more food. The way he gets a devious little smile as he goes to steal their dinner, yet still remains adorable-looking, is somewhat unnerving.
    • Piggy getting shoved and locked in a malicious stranger's house is a frightening concept even in a cartoon.
    • The scientist in general is a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. When he finally cuts loose with his evil grin, Piggy is appropriately terrified.
    • Piggy getting force fed for an entire day. If that was in Real Life, it would've killed him long before he explodes.
    • He can't even walk properly, he's so bloated - an uncomfortable reminder of how obesity immobilizes you. What's more, it doesn't even look like he could exit the house, he was too big for the door.
    • Just one more bite, right? His body explodes into several chunks.
  • Signature Scene: The second half, with Piggy being force fed.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Eat a ton just for sheer pleasure and gluttony? It'll kill you.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The piglets are all extremely cute and appear to be happy-go-lucky, sweet-natured little ones. Piggy himself, while an unrepentant glutton, also has a very adorable design and a high, squeaky little voice. You just want to squeeze him when he is elated when offered a buffet and hops into a chair, rubbing his belly and licking his lips in joy.
  • Tearjerker:
    • First off, there's Piggy's family having to go hungry after Piggy happily ate their food. There are several other piglets just as cute as Piggy, now having to go to bed hungry because of their brother's gluttony.
    • Earlier, Piggy's happy-go-lucky siblings cheerfully ran towards the house for supper. Piggy is so inconsiderate that he runs past all of them, knocking them over in ways that could have hurt real life small children. You can see them make expressions of pain as they're haphazardly knocked over.
    • When the scientist captures Piggy, he goes from absolutely delighted to eat a buffet to horrified and then has a worried, fearful expression as he realizes he's trapped. He looks like he's on the verge of tears when the scientist begins gloating.
    • Then there's Piggy during the force-feeding. On several occasions he's visibly frightened as he's hauled between food stations and this goes on for an entire day.
    • The obese Piggy's desperate attempt to wobble to safety and escape from the scientist. Despite having really enjoyed all his eating, it's clear he recognizes that he has to go home, and tries to desperately flee back home to his mama. It doesn't work; the scientist left food for him to eat on his way out, and he explodes. He got so much happiness from food, and it ended up killing him. Piggy's cries as he wakes up in horror are pretty gut-wrenching too.
  • Uncanny Valley: Piggy spends the majority of the short as an adorable, tiny piglet. After his feeding, however, he's an obscenely round blob that can barely walk and has completely lost his neck, his various visible body parts swollen and nearly indistinguishable from his fat. When he takes a final bite of turkey, he looks pretty inhuman as he just plops the leg into his mouth, completely filling it, and has a very vacant glaze to his eyes.

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