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YMMV / Piggy Tales

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  • Tear Jerker: As the pigs aware that their show is over, the final episode of the first season is pretty much this. Here, the pigs are just cleaning up their stuff throughout the show and no silliness whatsoever. What makes it even heart-wrenching that the last piggy seems to be so skepital about leaving the "set", as it's making an impression that their show won't get another season. Fortunately, they're back for more by started with Pigs at Work.
    • The finale of Third Act also follow the suit with the same scenario, but it's much downplayed with the silliness still occur and it gives a Sequel Hook to 4th Street.
  • Unexpected Character: Nobody was expecting to see the original game versions of Red, Chuck, and Bomb in 4th Street (specifically, the episode "Slingshot Delivery"), even if it was only for a few seconds.

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