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YMMV / Phase IV

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  • Awesome Music: The majority of the soundtrack, however, the standout has to be the unreleased final montage theme, composed by Stomu Yamashta.
  • Narm:
    Kendra (whispering, to a single ant that is standing on her hand, after it got there while she was sleeping): Please, please go away.
  • Squick: If you're an ant-phobe, the film is wall to wall this. Also, there are several unpleasant scenes of ants and small animals being brutally killed and eaten. Then there's that once scene where the ants hide out from the Yellow Poison by burrowing into the body of one of the dead farmpeople and then crawl out from a hole in his hand.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • The lighting, set design, and cinematography all combine to give the film a sprawling, truly hypnotic visual style.
    • The ant footage is so expertly filmed and edited as to make it seem that the insects do indeed possess human intelligence.


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