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YMMV / Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU

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  • Crack Ship: Shido and Kawakami’s persona Anne Bonny (who resembles a ship).
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Neither has made a physical appearance yet, but thanks to the silhouetted person in this comic resembling the former, many suspected that Joker had taken Igor's/Yaldabaoth's place in the AU. This was Jossed in the first chapter, where Igor/Yaldabaoth still appears to be the same one from the original game.
    • When it was revealed that Sojiro's Persona is Robin Hood (the Persona used by Akechi in the original game) some people immediately guessed that this meant Arsene (the protagonist's original Persona) was going to be given to Shido, who takes Akechi's place in the AU.
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    • When Scruffy upload this piece of art featuring the cast in both their Phantom Thief and civilian forms, many notice what is to believe this universe’s version of Takuto Maruki from Royal, who might have taken Kasumi’s role as the new member of the PTs. Also that cat looking icon on his cell phone screen caused many to think that is Morgana merged with Sophie from Scramble.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Les Yay: Between Tae and Sae. This comic sums is all best.
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  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Downplayed by Ohya. In the original game, Ohya wasn't exactly hated, but she was one of the less popular Confidants. However, according to a poll the author ran, she's one of the most popular characters in the AU.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When Sadayo confronts Sojiro on why he refuses to take Futaba's heart, he snaps and reveals how much it hurts to watch her fall into depression after Wakaba's death, and how he once considered taking her heart to free her, only to learn from their previous fights against Palace holders that it could leave Futaba a broken husk. He only stops once he realizes he is scaring Sadayo with his reaction.
    • A two-panel starts with Ichiko with her arms around Lala and Kayo. The panel below takes place under a somber rain as a tearful Ichiko stands over Kayo's obscured body. Later works imply this to be result of their principal's assault of Kayo just like Shiho in OG counterpart.
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    • The opening scene of the first chapter starts with police tape around a wrecked car and a broken body implied to Wakaba Isshiki, with a horrified Sojiro watching as Futaba cries out next to him.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Many were pleasantly surprised to see Nameless and Belladonna make an appearance in this comic.
    • The identity of Sojiro's Persona was a mystery for a long time, even after the other members had their own Personas introduced. All of the other Phantom Thieves got new Personas exclusive to the ACAU, so many assumed that it would be the same for Sojiro. Cue everyone's surprise when it instead turned out that he has an alternate version of a Persona returning from the canon Persona 5. Specifically Robin Hood, Goro Akechi's fake Persona!
    • In one comic, Tae and her friends attend a Gas Chamber concert, with a 34-year-old Eikichi Mishina at the mic. It was only a cameo, but not many expected him to show up, especially considering how the first two Persona games have largely fallen into obscurity.

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