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YMMV / Persephone's Waltz

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Homura kidnaps Madoka after being annoyed of failing to save her so many times. Did we just sum up the fanfic or the ending of Rebellion Story? What makes this funny is that this is just another timeline for Homura. Meaning it's possible for her to have done this at one point, then do it again at Rebellion.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Homura from the viewpoint of Madoka. An imposing girl with what appears to be a split personality who knows everything about you and can appear and disappear like nobody's business. And since the fanfiction skipped over the fact that if Homura touches anything while time is frozen it will start to move, she becomes even scarier since she can drag you around as she pleases and you won't notice until she turns time back on.
    • If you thought the Homura in the series was a bit unhinged, try heaping way over 480 failed timelines on her head.