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  • Awesome Music: Both the music from the official trailer and the film's official theme song, "Beginning of the Day", performed by Estelle Micheau.
  • Complete Monster: Izamura is the cruel, fanatical dictator of Aiga, determined to oppress and control everything in the city. Having declared all Inverts to be unholy monsters deserving of death, Izamura regularly hunts down and eliminates them or anyone who attempts to protect them, notably murdering Age's father and mocking him about it. Upon brutalizing Age to keep silent about the capturing of the Invert girl Patema, Izamura develops an obsession with Patema, mentally and emotionally abusing her in an attempt to make her his romantic slave. When Patema escapes with Age's help to an Invert hideout, Izamura orders the entire hideout be exterminated and shoots his second-in-command Jack when he refuses. Izamura later corners and tortures Age by shooting his limbs—taunting him that he'll never be able to protect Patema again—and Izamura then tries to drag Patema down with him when he falls to his death, refusing to let her live if he can't have her under his thumb.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: The last scribbled note found in Age's father's notebook, which says "we are alive"note  becomes a downer when you remember that he and Lagos were both killed by the Agian government, because of their dream.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Robbie Daymond voices Porta in the dub; the release of the film coming out only a handful of months right before the Viz dub of Sailor Moon was released and started getting him much more recognition.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: A common criticism leveled at the film (seen in the comments section of various YouTube vids of the trailer) is that it's "a rip-off" of Upside Down. Aside from their basic premise, the two share little in common and play out entirely different from one another.
    • It's worth noting, though, that the net animations of Patema premiered before Upside Down. Of course the film was already well into its production cycle, but it's quite possible that Yoshuira came up with the idea independently.


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