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  • Animation Age Ghetto: Averted. The show is both marketed for and enjoyed by adults. (And kids, but a lot of stuff will go over their heads.)
  • Broken Base: The announcement of an official English dub has fans (both Finnish and otherwise) divided on whether it will be good or not. One of the major complaints from Finns is that they're localising all the names (with the exception of Helga) and the voices themselves aren't always true to the originals: Repomies sounds somewhat more world-weary and aggressive, while Routalempi sounds much more easily exciteable, which kinda goes against his droning nature.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: On occasion. The brothel episode comes to mind... See also the Repomies example at Cowboy Cop in the main article.
    • The Murder Simulator that Pöysti plays. A mission involving killing Pandas? Dark. Then we hear the sound effects...
  • Early Installment Weirdness: 3 of the 5 main characters had much deeper voices in the early seasons. Routalempi also seemed to make slight pauses every 2-4 words or so.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In July 2016, Lauri Karhuvaara was laid off from MTV 3, making the episode Perikato this. However, he took the news fairly well, while his Cartoon counterpart outright disappeared and attempted suicide.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Semi-example. On March 21, 2011, several conservative Christian organizations in Finland launched a campaign called "Don't Submit!", aimed at teenagers and essentially telling them that they can be "cured" from homo- or bisexuality if they believe in God. On that very same day, the Pasila episode "Sect", which revolves around a conservative, anti-gay Christian group, was aired... Counts because the episode was (of course) made before the writers had any way of knowing about the campaign.
  • Ho Yay: The episode with the first legal whorehouse in Finland eventually devolves into this: due to its legal status and because of Repomies' family that can't leave it alone for various reasons which causes him to blackmail Kyösti into alternatively helping and hindering it, the whorehouse is eventually disallowed to choose its customers or employers in any way because it would count as discrimination, causing males to sign up to work there for obvious reasons and stereotypical gay men to line up as customers as a result. This culminates in a (thankfully) unshown orgy where the best friends of the said men will repeatedly make love to them until the said stereotypical gay men get tired of waiting and leave since they don't want their best friends to be "taken advantage of by a bunch of perverted old gay men".
    • In the first episode:
    Pöysti's Date: Can I ask you one thing?
    Pöysti: Only once, I was in the army, and we were all drunk.
    Date: What?
    Pöysti: Nothing, go on!
    • When Jemmica Laamanen requests that a "hunky" bodyguard be present when she meets the man who's been stalking her, Neponen offers this suggestion: "I'd trust Pöysti, he's a genius in these things. BLINDLY, I'd trust him." All said while leaning (kneeling?) at Pöysti's eye level, mere inches from his face. There's even a close-up. It's very... ''interesting''.
      • In episode "Repomies, A Real Man": When Pöysti explains to Neponen why Salonius plays with the police and doesn't dig his robbery loot up:
    Neponen: I can't think of anything else.
    Pöysti: Oh, Neponen. Endearingly naive Neponen. Because he doesn't have that loot.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • In Finland, whenever anyone mentions the word "jännä" (= "fascinating", Routalempi's Catchphrase), it's certain that someone will start musing like he does.
    • Phil Collins -hangover.
    • Random ramblings will be interrupted by someone shouting "MEDS!".
    • "If you can't tell the difference between an equal relationship between two adults and bestiality with a house animal, I recommend that you never get a dog."
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    • Repomies' rambling stop-and-go speech patterns.
  • Squick: While attempting to get a group of bank robbers to turn themselves in via his usual methods, Kyösti is taken hostage by them, and due to the stress of the situation, manages to piss, shit and vomit on himself. As one of the robbers comments: "Well, at least he's empty now", Kyösti then proceeds to state "I'm not saying this to fuck with you, I'm saying this purely out of sense of self-preservation: If the trunk of your getaway car shakes too much, I might orgasm as well. But after that, nothing else will come out me, I swear."
    • In addition to his slideshows, many of the things Repomies ends up rambling on about also have a tendency to cross over to this territory: he's especially fond of describing any of the maladies brought on by his old age in great detail, including and not limited to warts, varicose veins, blisters and lumps as well as asking people to look, touch, smell and taste any of them.
  • The Un-Twist: The reason why Kyösti sucks on a pacifier isn't really any more elaborate than most of the guesses various characters have made during the show which he has denied to be correct: as stated in one of the newer episodes, he sucks on one just because he "never got around to dropping the habit as a kid, I was a spoiled child at home and a loner at school, and thus I had no peer pressure to get rid of it".

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