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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Many, many, many times, considering that they follow the teleprompter's advice to the bitter end. Special mention goes to a comedian getting the advice "take a stance on the Moomin issue", which he proceeded to do by saying that "Moomin hunt should be allowed around the year", and "oh, yeah, they're cute, but that Finnish lady didn't write a book called "Moomins are Carriers of Parasites", did she?!".
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  • Moment of Awesome: In a now lost round called "Desperate Fishing For Votes" that used to occur right before the voting, the comedians tried to persuade audience members to vote for them, usually with the help of props or trinkets. In a season finale, Henrik Hjelt...used a Porsche. No one knew about it, aside from some behind-the-scenes men.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: Parlamentet is based on a short-lived British series called If I Ruled the World, which was moderated by Clive Anderson. Most of the longest-running rounds in Parlamentet originated in If I Ruled the World, including "Ja & Nej" (as "The Yes/No Interlude"), "Klart Man Hänger Med" (as "I Like to Keep in Touch"), and "Tips Från Coachen" (as "The Pager Round"). However, where If I Ruled the World lasted just two series and is all but forgotten in Britain, Parlamentet has racked up over ten times that many series and is very well-known in Sweden.

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