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YMMV / Paranormal Witness

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  • Bizarro Episode: Season 1, Episode 3's "Watched in the Wilderness" is the only episode to not deal with an overtly supernatural entity, just a very physical and ticked off sasquatch.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Season 2, Episode 11's "The Good Skeleton" has a good White Sheep of the hauntings. A little girl's imaginary friend "Nick", turns out to be the ghost of a deceased motorcyclist who died at the house and functions as the family's protector. Nick's spirit saves her mother from being hit by a truck and apparently runs off the malevolent "Bad Skeleton" ghost that was trying to harm the family. In the end, the wife and grandmother preform a rites ritual to help Nick leave the mortal coil. The episode ends with a shot of Nick starting off on his motorcycle down the road, implying he was going on to heaven at last.


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