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YMMV / Para Para Paradise

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  • Awesome Moments: The Korean version of the game uses the additional three sensors for rotated gameplay. Want to be extra charismatic and show your mastery of the chart? Set the sensor configuration to 180 degrees to face the audience!
  • Spiritual Successor: To an extent, any current motion-controlled dance game, including Dance Central and Just Dance, can qualify, due their emphasis on guiding players through full-on dance routines performed by an on-screen dancer rather than using just arrows (Para Para Paradise fell in between, using the arrows to guide players through the routine seen in the video). Both also use more sophisticated technology than just basic infrared sensors, such as a motion-sensing controller (Wii Remote, PlayStation Move), or a sensor-equipped camera with body-tracking like Xbox's Kinect.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: With the para para and Eurobeat trends having come and gone—the closure of Club Velfarre in 2007 effectively signaling that—seeing a PPP machine today can feel like a trip back to the early 2000's.