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YMMV / Paparazzi

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  • Acceptable Professional Targets: The paparazzi, of course. Let's just say that our protagonist wouldn't be as sympathetic if they weren't all portrayed as cackling puppy-kickers.
  • Designated Hero: The main character and his killing spree against the paparazzi would be far less sympathetic if paparazzi weren't Acceptable Professional Targets (and if the paparazzi in the movie weren't practically cackling supervillains who take perverse joy in ruining people's lives.) One murder even had to happen off-screen, because the director found that test audiences found the main character less sympathetic when it happened on-screen.


  • Awesome Music: "Don't Stay All Night" definitely qualifies; what with it's killer pounding main synth-riff, gorgeous lyricism such as "I bolted the doors, but you forced your way into my world, like a book come to life", and great guitar shredding by the copacetic Alan Murphy. If it was better known, it would certainly be called a New Wave gem.
  • Cult Classic: Probably the cultiest of cult-classics, as they barely released anything at all.
  • Tear Jerker: Not only several of their tracks, like "Midnight In Blue", but the band's futile Real Life attempt to fight corporate fat cats controlling their discography is utterly heartbreaking.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Some Japan fans deride Michael's impression of David's vocals & write the group off as a lesser-quality Japan imitation.