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YMMV / Pachamama

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  • Complete Monster: The conquistador chief, possibly a depiction of Francisco Pizarro, barges into the movie with his men assaulting the city of Cuzco, savagely stripping the Inca of their gold clothes and literally shooting everything in sight. A few scenes later, the once-vibrant city is completely silent and drenched in a reddish light, heavily implying that the conquistadors killed everyone. He spends the remainder of the movie shooting at the children protagonists, clearly attempting to kill them. He does manage to shoot the condor—later revealed to be the village shaman in animal form—carrying them, resulting in them nearly plummeting to their deaths. Upon reaching the village, he follows Tepulpai into the ancestral cave, slaughtering the snake guardians for their gems. He assaults the kid, breaking the Huaca and dismissing the treasure as worthless, for which he attempts to kill Tepulpai.