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  • Acceptable Targets: For the US version, the French.
    • The review of Search For The Golden Dolphin (rated 18%) begins with a rant against the French, going from their bad hygiene to their snootiness. And it doesn't end here. Among the pros of the game: you get to annoy the French.
    • The review of Beach Head 2000 (rated 18%) ends with "At least it's not French".
  • Memetic Mutation: Bathtub Geralt came from this publication. As explained on the main page, it was used by the staff as it was inherently funny, and became a Running Gag to use the image whenever they talked about The Witcher 3. That, or a face of Geralt stretched to the image dimensions.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: One letter in the mail corner of the US version complained about a previous issue (May of 2000) being the "shortest PC Gamer I have ever read". Back then, the magazine regularly had many features and articles. Over a dozen years later, the magazine is now commonly the thickness of this May 2000 issue.

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