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YMMV / PAW Patrol: The Movie

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  • Adorkable: Liberty definitely comes across as this.
  • Catharsis Factor: After years of watching Mayor Humdinger receive many a Slap On The Wrist Punishment for his various misdeeds, seeing him in jail during the closing credits is incredibly satisfying.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mayor Humdinger in the show is perhaps known for being a rather funny villain similar to Plankton, however, the movie actually portrays him as an actual evil mastermind that actually almost succeeds in damaging the entirety of Adventure City.
    • Due to the animation being more realistic, the damages caused by Humdinger looked… too real.
    • Then there's the scene where after Ryder puts Humdinger to the bottom floor in Humdinger Heights, Ryder then tries to go down using the grappling hook, however, because of the bad weather caused by the cloud catcher, the building then shakes which causes Ryder to slam himself in the walls and even to the point of falling to the right.
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    • Chase's backstory is pretty creepy for the most part, the fact that a dog (a young one at that) gets mistreated by the city is pretty terrifying, since it's similar to domestic abuse, not to mention, the ending part where a driver almost kills Chase is very creepy.
      • However, it was revealed that later in the film, Ryder (at a younger age) actually saves him from the truck as proven in the scene when Ryder tells him to face his fears.
  • Pop Culture Holiday: The Mayor of Toronto has officially proclaimed August 20, the movie's release date in Canada and the United States, as "PAW Patrol Day" in Toronto, citing PAW Patrol as "an absolute Toronto success story".
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: For a film that features two main characters almost getting killed (Chase in his backstory almost gets run over by a van, Ryder in the climax) it can be surprising to learn it's rated G.
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  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Characters from the show being recast in favor of more big-name actors such as with Chase caused a lot of confusion from fans of the original series. Additionally, Kim Kardashian being announced as playing one of the side characters and receiving top billing in the movie's advertising despite her lack of experience in any acting caused even non-fans to be puzzled.note 
  • The Woobie: Oh, does the film put Chase through an emotional wringer. He was abandoned and nearly struck down by a van as a pup, leaving him with an understandable fear of returning to Adventure City. Then he's nearly killed during a rescue mission after the wind snags his parachute and hangs him over billowing flames. And after seizing up during a second rescue mission, he leaves the PAW Patrol in tears under the belief he's not wanted and is subsequently abducted. And after being reunited with his friends, he nearly falls to his death a second time while trying to rescue Ryder. Of course, all of this makes his success all the sweeter.
  • Woolseyism: The Japanese version makes various changes to make the film more in line with Japanese humor and cultural values:
    • The scene where Gus asks "A dog?" was changed so instead he mishears Chase’s name as "Ice."
    • Ryder stating the new Lookout was funded by selling merchandise was changed to less cynical phrasing by having him say that it was thanks to those who supported PAW Patrol.
    • In the original version, when Ryder pulls Chase out of the rescue missions, he accuses Ryder of giving up on him out of a fear of being abandoned. The Japanese version changes this so that Chase is more upset at himself for failing the rescue rather than at Ryder for putting him on the sidelines.


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