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  • Fridge Logic: When Joanna finds the monogrammed "J.S." panties in Dean's glove compartment, she assumes he's having an affair. But Joanna had seen the panties before, after losing her memory. She was actually wearing them when she went into the drink, and when Dean comes to pick her up, the police offer shows them to Dean and comments that "she didn't know what the initials meant". ("She wouldn't, 'cause I bought 'em for her at a garage sale.") Shouldn't she have recognized the panties from before?
    • Losing memory can happen multiple times after a trauma. It's common for people with concussions to wake up several times in hospitals asking the same questions (where am I?, what happened?, etc...).
    • They might have told her about the initials without showing the underwear.
  • Squick: It's a Romantic Comedy about kidnapping an amnesia victim and making them believe they are one's spouse.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When Joanna regains her memory and is driving away in the limo while the boys chase after her screaming "Mom! Come back!". Then Joe says "You said moms don't leave!"
      • His initial asking of if she was going to leave is this in a Fridge Logic kind of way. He says that "sometimes moms leave" because his actual mother died when he was only three.
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    • A smaller one, but it turns out Joey doesn't know how to read, even for a kid his age. What's worse, he's aware of it, and really ashamed.
  • Values Dissonance: Our main character lies to a woman about her identity, and exploits her for manual labor, and then she falls in love with him. You would expect that such a plot would never fly in modern society, but the film was remade in 2018, though with the genders flipped to make it more palatable.

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