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YMMV / Outcry

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Emma and Tattletale are a huge pair.
    • Emma, being part of the bullying campaign against Taylor, is already seen in a negative light. Some readers want her killed and see the fact that she not only got out of jail early but becomes a Ward as making her a Karma Houdini, while others believe her to be repentant for her actions and deserving of a second chance. This is In-Universe and Out, by the way.
    • Tattletale, even though she was under duress at the time, essentially broke Taylor and was the last straw before Surtr/Raime showed up, leading to her never being able to go back to a truly happy life. After which, she manipulated her into being an attack dog to get rid of Coil. Even if she did manipulate things so that Taylor could negotiate a better deal and stop her from going over the edge a second time, her turning herself into PRT and receiving (reduced) time in prison doesn't seem like punishment enough for some people because the collateral damage involved (hundreds dead) was caused by her while leaving Taylor to shoulder the guilt.
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  • Fan Nickname: Nadalia when appearing as Annette is referred to as Nadaliannette.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Coil tapped danced over the point of no return repeatedly, both through the use of alternate timelines and proxies. He got exactly what he deserved.

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