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YMMV / Out of This World

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Tropes related to the 1980s sitcom

  • Hide Your Pregnancy: During the second season of the program, actress Donna Pescow became pregnant. Since it couldn't be explained how her character became pregnant while her husband was away fighting a war on another planet, Pescow was filmed using only close-up shots or staged so something was hiding her pregnancy.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Before rising to prominence as a voice actor for shows like Tiny Toon Adventures, Uncle Beano was Joe Alaskey's most well-known on-screen role. Alaskey would eventually become the full-time voice of Daffy Ducknote  until passing away in 2016.
    • Steve Burton's debut role was as Evie's boyfriend Chris Fuller. He would later become famous for playing Jason Quartermaine/Morgan on General Hospital.

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