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YMMV / Out of the Furnace

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  • Complete Monster: Harlan DeGroat is a violent backwoods meth boss who begins the film at a drive-in movie with a date. When she thinks him having food poisoning is funny, DeGroat chokes her and beats her before pummeling a good Samaritan coming to her aid nearly to death. Later, when DeGroat is offered the chance to make money by a man who owes him named Petty, via Petty's fighter buddy Rodney taking a dive in a bare-knuckle fight, DeGroat ambushes them and has them both killed simply out of spite, pride and because Rodney did a bit too well before he took the dive. When Rodney's brother Russell tries to trap DeGroat later, DeGroat executes the unarmed, helpless bartender in the area before trying to flee.

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