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YMMV / Operation: Turnabout

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  • Complete Monster
    • Captain Adel Renard was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps, selling explosives to enemy groups. When he learned that a group of insurgents were planning to pay him in foreign money that they knew would be useless to him in exchange for Helios-6 explosives, he decided to backstab them first. Convincing the corrupt Captain Janus Harvey to help him deliver the explosives, Renard neglected to give the group the detonator, rendering the explosives useless. He then called the police and had the insurgents sent to the firing squad before they could testify against him. After convincing Harvey to kill most of his platoon to prevent them from ever learning of the incident, Renard proceeded to blackmail Harvey over the incident, knowing that the latter had no evidence the former was involved. When Harvey was going to be granted immunity in exchange for testifying about the Helios-6 incident, Renard poisoned him. After Phoenix exposes his past crimes in court, Renard brags about them to the courtroom while stating that since they were committed overseas, he can't be tried for them. Renard then taunts Siegfried and Victoria about their upcoming executions for a murder they did not commit, even mocking Victoria about her lost eye by calling her a "cyclops".
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    • Captain Janus Harvey was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps who constantly mistreated his own troops. He was convinced by Renard to help smuggle explosives to a group of insurgents, not knowing of his manipulations but expecting to receive a legitimate amount of money while the insurgents would be able to use the explosives for whatever evil intents they had. After being betrayed and despite knowing he couldn't prove Renard was involved, Harvey still followed his advice to murder most of his platoon in an explosion so they could never uncover what he had done. Harvey never felt any remorse for his actions, and spent the rest of his life trying to pin the blame on others while insisting he had done no wrong, only agreeing to testify about the incident when he was promised immunity for any involvement.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Phoenix's last line: "Truly, this is the season of new beginnings" becomes this when you consider this story takes place prior to his disbarment in Apollo Justice
  • Heartwarming Moments: Franziska's letter to Phoenix in the epilogue, which also contains the card she kept at the end of Farewell, My Turnabout
    Franziska: "Phoenix Wright. There is something that has been on my mind for a long time now. It's high time you get to hear what I've been meaning to tell you. I would have told you this in person, but I don't want you to forget these words, ever: Thank you for everything you have done for me. When we last met, I felt I had failed to live up to what was expected of me as a prosecutor. Broken and with nothing to fight for, I was ready to abandon my walk down the prosecutor's path. But you and Miles Edgeworth had faith in me. You returned both my whip and my faith in myself.

    All I had ever wanted was my revenge, to make you both suffer. Yet, you came to my aid in my darkest moment. And I wanted to hate you both for it...But I just couldn't. Because in my heart, I knew that you were not some obstacle to defeat.

    During Mike November's trial, even when I was winning, I felt I was losing something infinitely important. And know I know what it was. It was the realization that we are not enemies, no matter what my father may have thought. Whatever happens, I will always be a prosecutor, and you will always be a defense attorney. Even if we stand on the different sides of the courtroom, we work towards a common goal--Truth and justice for all." And to do that, we must have faith in each other. When I disarmed Renard, I trusted you with my life. Just as those on trial trust us with theirs. We must be worthy of that trust. In light of this, I am grateful to have you as my opponent.

    When I last departed, I vowed that when we would meet again, I would return this missing piece of evidence to you. I've kept it safe all this time, now it's your turn to do the same. Never forget who you and what are you fighting for, Phoenix Wright. I trust we will meet again some day. Until then, farewell.

    Signed: Franziska von Karma
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  • Narm: Cpt. Adel Renald's Big "NO!" is incredibly underwhelming.
  • Spoiled by the Format: Dr. Siegfried and Lt. Victoria have confessed to the murder of Captain Harvey, and their motive has been established. Mike November is about to be free, and the trial is coming to a close... except there is still about an hour's worth of the last episode left. Phoenix Wright himself does not believe that everything has been solved, and Mia Fey herself arrives to tell him not to let the trial end. Sure enough, he uncovers more about the case, including the true murderer.
  • What an Idiot!: On the first day of the trial, Mike November's statements make it sound like he wants to get convicted. "I had to stay behind to take care of some... unfinished business" being a good example. When Phoenix points out that November's fingerprints were on the kill switch, he confirms it, explaining he pulled it, which trapped Harvey in his office, to get back at Harvey. The Judge rebukes him and November responds that, at the time, it was slightly amusing. That's not even including the fact that he refuses to tell the court what he spoke with Harvey about. Apparently, the fact he was facing the death penalty never crossed his mind. At least he gets better.


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