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YMMV / Operation GEAR

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  • Memetic Mutation: Lyra's depiction is the result of this. Early in the life of 4chan's Pokemon board /vp/ (which was around the time of the release of the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games) a post describing ... interesting things Lyra did with Ethan's Quilava became widespread. This idea of Lyra's psychotic nature also helped give rise to "Yandere Lyra", in which she brutally tortured and killed rivals for Ethan's affection in ways that would make Yuno Gasai blush. Both of these things appeared in her chapters - she has a Typhlosion (Quilava's evolved form) that she feeds hamburgers to similarly to the Quilava post's story, and she was seen drinking a strawberry milkshake in a direct reference to "Milkshakes," one of the most infamous Yandere Lyra stories.
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  • The Un-Twist: Matt's group immediately figures out that she's the Cafe Diva as soon as they meet, even though Lyra tried to hide this fact from them.

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