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  • Ho Yay:
    • Seimei and Hiromasa. "Oh, I don't care about the world, but I'll save it if you really want me to."
    • Comes up in the sequel too. They really don't want each other to die.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Genkaku didn't seem all that disturbed when he offers his children up as sacrifices to the gods or when he kills his wife.

Video game

  • Adorkable: Enmusubi is a major ditz, surprisingly greedy (since she needs to pay to maintain her own shrine), is constantly bumbling into trouble and is obsessed with pairing romantic couples. She's also completely adorable.
  • Alternate Self Shipping:
    • Seimei has been shipped with Kuro Seimei, his Evil Counterpart, Enemy Without and Literal Split Personality.
    • Shipping the Yin and Yang sides of Ungaikyo is also common, and this pairing also has canon basis in the entities' desire to touch each other.
  • Awesome Moments: Some of the cinematic scenes are extremely impressive; the Demoniac Feast and Tune of Stars in particular are absolutely spectacular!
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The dream Seimei has in which he kills Kagura at the beginning of episode 11 can be viewed as this. Neither is it mentioned again nor does it play any important role in the story.
  • Breather Level: Surprisingly, some of the higher stages of certain skin dungeons can be this. The most prominent example of which is probably Ōtengu's Storm Peak, as difficulty takes a nosedive after surmounting stage 8, which is That One Level.
  • Broken Base:
    • The Vietnamese playerbase of the game was split vertically in two following the October 16 update for the Garena build. The update had allegedly revealed a hitherto obfuscated map of the Chinese naval territories, which included the Vietnamese Trường Sa and Hoàng Sa island chainsnote . Naturally, many Vietnamese gamers didn't take lightly to this and boycotted the game, and Garena decided to just discontinue publishing and development of Onmyōji in the country altogether. This angered the remaining players who didn't want to let politics get in the way of their enjoyment of it. As of October 19 2019, the Garena build of Onmyōji is officially dead.
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    • The blatant Power Creep nature of new shikigami also helped putting off a lot of players from playing the game altogether. The sheer brokenness of new shikigami is a massive those who manage to pull them, since the game clearly favors the more recent releases in the way of event buffs and strange mechanics that are hard to counter using more accessible units. To those who didn't manage to get lucky with the gacha, they represent increasingly massive hurdles to their competitive viability in the long run, especially in the way of PvP and event rankings, since those who got the Game-Breaker units can easily steamroll the game into the ground, while they themselves can't make a dent regardless of how much effort they put into it all.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • The current must-have SSRs at the moment are Onikiri and Hakuzōsu, the former due to his ridiculously-broken passive, and the latter to even attempt to resist that passive. Whereas older SSRs who hit hard could be defended against simply by putting on more shields and armor, or by crowd-controlling, Onikiri just makes everything a freaking joke with his absurdly-powerful kit that ignores most manners of defenses on top of dealing obscene amounts of damage in a single swipe, often allowing him to win matches in one hit. And everybody uses him in PvP now, which makes climbing the ranks a monumental task for those who don't have him, or worse, having to fight those who do.
    • In the previous meta, everyone uses Ootengu, or failing that, Ubume (or sometimes both), usually with Seductress soul, putting out more area of effect damage than anything else in the game. Ibaraki Doji may be popular for farming, but Ootengu and Ubume are popular for everything. They are, quite bluntly, horribly overpowered and players not lucky enough to get either of them are basically second-class.
    • Competitive event bosses like Uber Orochi. There are, at most, maybe 3-4 valid teams that can be used to get the high damage scores necessary to get the top rewards, and the only things that vary between them are the choice of primary DPSnote  and the pushernote , and maybe you can use Kaguya instead of Oitsuki, although nobody does. Otherwise, the use of both Ushi no Toki/Ushi no Koku Mairi and Bukkuman/Shoyo is literally mandatory- they're so insanely overpowered against high HP bosses that if you don't use them it doesn't even qualify as Self-Imposed Challenge- you're just messing around wasting your time.
    • Uber bosses have daily leaderboards that show the team compositions of the 100 most-successful players each day, and it's not uncommon for upwards of 95% of the top players to be running literally exactly the same lineup. This was, for example, literally true during the Shiranui's Song uber boss, where exactly 95/100 of the top players were using the lineup of Ushi no Toki, Bukkuman, Oitsuki, Kamikui and Shuten Doji, and the other five were using the lineup of Ushi no Toki, Bukkuman, Oitsuki, Kamikui and Ibaraki Doji instead.
    • The default team composition for 90% of the duel ranks, particularly the lower ones, is two pullers (Yamausagi or Kamaitachi) or a puller and a pusher (almost always SP Shuten Doji), Zashiki for orbs, and either 2 DPS (most commonly Onikiri and SP Ibaraki Doji) or a DPS and Orochi (for his ability to make the other DPS invincible and give it an immediate extra action), with either Seimei or Kagura (with Channel: Storm for another extra action). The team with the higher-SPD puller wins, and the loser never even gets to act once before they get wiped out. There are a few other shikis you might see in variant compositions, such as Hakuzosu, a Kiyohime with Snow Spirit, or Hiyoribo, but for the most part "act first and attack repeatedly" is by far the most common strategy.
    • On the far end of the spectrum, there are players who believe firmly in the "The best defense is a good offense" doctrine. In lieu of pull or pushers, or even CC shikigami for that matter, they simply hunker down with extremely beefy HP and other defensive buffs. A Hakuzōsu specced for SPD and Hiyoribo are typically the cornerstones of this strategy, with one shutting down basically 35% of all incoming ATK, and the other healing off what little damage was dealt, as well as reviving those who were slain, which are rare. As a result, if you don't have a Hakuzōsu that's fast and tanky, you should probably forget about reaching higher ranks in PvP altogether because it ain't happening. While this setup is actually rather easy to defeat using CC or indirect damage, the dangerous thing about it is how uncommon it is to be running into these guys, and as such one will almost always be caught unprepared for them in the midst of normal PvP matches.
      • And then there are those that combine obscene survivability with disgusting indirect damage and/or free turns, simply by putting Bake-kujira and the larger Kujira into that team setup, and have Shiranui babysit them to provide them additional moves. All three of them are simply powerhouses when put together, especially Kujira and Shiranui, who already hit like a truck on their own. With his Skeletal Shield active, which procs on his turns, Kujira will just casually burst your shikigami down if you hit anyone on his team at all, while you can't really do anything about it if he's protected by Hakuzōsu. This kind of setup is currently the reigning meta in PvP, so if you can't find a way to counter them, or have your own Game Breakers to bring to bear, expect to lose constantly against these folks.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Yamawaro. Despite being a low-tier R shikigami, he's known far and wide for his incredibly annoying skill that hits your entire team three times per volley, with a disturbingly high chance to Daze, giving him and his side more time to prepare for the next walloping, while your damage dealers are still recovering. Generally, Yamawaro is exceedingly annoying no matter where and how many of him appears, but secret zones and hard event stages are especially irritating, since those maps tend to have many of him at once. Being stunlocked by just one of him is already hair-tearingly irritating, but faced with two or even three at once, and you're probably already lost.
    • During high levels of the Netherworld Gate challenge, Kyonshi Ani. Although the enemy shikigami stop leveling up once they hit level 40 at stage 31, their stats continue to endlessly increase to impossible levels until they're easily capable of killing even the most powerful teams of shikigami in only a couple of hits, meaning the only chance of progressing beyond a certain point is getting in massive overwhelming damage to take them out before they can kill you. Unfortunately, Kyonshi Ani passively counterattacks whenever another shiki on its team dies, with a very high chance of stunning whatever it hits, so unless you One-Hit Kill everything (or at least all the Kyonshi Anis) in a stage on your first attack, or lock them down with CC (not a guaranteed thing as Kyonshi Ani's passive gives him free Effect RES), your shiki is going to take a major counterattack- which, since your DPS will naturally incline towards being a Glass Cannon, can end up being enough to kill them in one shot, especially if there are multiple Kyonshi Anis in the stage all hitting them at once. Plus if you leave even one of them alive, they'll attempt to revive every one of their fallen allies with the time they bought by stunning your DPS. The potential stage 50 team comp of 6 Kyonshi Anis is every player's nightmare.
      • By the same token, the potential Netherworld Gate stage 52 team which includes a pair of Ootengus in the tier 2 spots beside the team leader. A common way of trivialising Netherworld Gate (including the aforementioned 6 Kyonshi Ani team) is locking them down with a fast CC shiki, commonly a Snow Spirit Kiyohime, and then killing them at your leisure. The problem is that Ootengu's Shelter makes him immune to the first CC he recives, so if you're counting on this strategy to make your way through, it will fail you at stage 52 if you face this team comp. And because their stats are so inflated (they're far stronger than the 2 similar Ootengus you face in a stage 10 Soul zone), you have to one-shot kill both of the Ootengus (very difficult), or their Blade Storms will wipe you out. It's the fact that a strategy which is perfectly valid for the other 69 stages is completely nullified here that makes them such a pain.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: You can bet Yaobikuni is bound to get this treatment in fan works. It is completely justified as the big damn reveal arrives way too late and portraying her accurately would be a big fucking spoiler to those not having reached that far in the story, and this is not to mention her original characterization's having already been established in the minds of the majority of fans.
    • Ōtengu is also getting this as well, what with his being a Heel–Face Revolving Door. Yuki-onna is also a frequent victim of this, as her villainy is not revealed until fairly late in the story.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The humanoid SSR iteration of Orochi.
  • Fanon: That Shiromujō and Kuromujō are really named "Tsukishiro" and "Kurobane" respectively. See Trivia's tab's Fan Nickname.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Though it can be safely assumed any and all successful couples in the fandom are fan-preferred since the game runs on All Love Is Unrequited with frequent The Lost Lenore on the side. Here are a few examples:
  • Foe Yay:
    • Believe it or not, the moment when Kuro Seimei chokes Seimei in chapter 18 can be viewed as this.
    • The constant Ship Tease between Seimei and Yaobikuni eventually becomes this when the latter's villainy is revealed.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The game includes references to one of Onigiri's historical names, Tomokiri (lit. equal cutter). In the story, he mass-murdered his own kind.
  • Fridge Horror: The possible fate of Yōko's other victims. Just think about it: Koi-no-sei isn't his first and only; Kappa has reported cases of yōkai going missing to the onmyōji before Koi-no-sei is kidnapped herself. At the end, only she is seen rescued. It can be very scary to imagine whatever happened to the rest of Yōko's victims and what he might have possibly done to them.
  • Fridge Logic: The game has a crossover with Bleach. Anachronism aside, this quickly makes one wonder how the shinigami from the latter canon with a completely different afterlife with a completely different set of lore and rules are going to integrate with the world of the former and its Buddhist-style jigoku.
    • Not that the Hōzuki crossover is free from this, with the existence of two different Enma in the canons. If the "idol" talk is anything to go by, this is probably explained as a result of time-travel.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Yōko's defeat at the end of chapter 7. Kooooon kooooon, indeed.
    • Thanks to the fact that Seimei's Deflector Shield No-Sells any purely debuffing skills except for that of Ame-onna, watching A.I Amanojaku Red tries to provoke your team members or A.I Dream Eater tries to put them to sleep can be quite hilarious.
    • How Jikigaeru proves himself to be an obvious Tsundere regarding his feelings for Ame-onna. Everyone Can See It.
    • Shuten-dōji's crying like a baby after he gets his butt kicked hard again by Seimei in chapter 22, and the conversation that follows.
    • Hangan's epic Out-of-Character Moment in episode 23.
    • The infamous knockoff frog summons in side story #4.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
  • Game-Breaker: Has its own page.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While the game is developed by a Chinese studio, it has a steady Japanese fanbase enough to spawn two musical adaptations both performed in Japan by Japanese actors and even a themed cafe service in a cafe in Tokyo. It helps that the game is about Japan, revolves around Japanese folklore and history and stars an All-Star Cast of big-name anime voice actors.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The entire 1st side story. The fact it introduces the incredibly adorable Kurodōji and Shirodōji helps.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Ho Yay: Now with its own page.
  • Incest Yay Shipping:
    • The Mujō brothers are frequently shipped together, thanks to the (probably unintentional) Incest Subtext in canon.
    • Yorimitsu is reportedly shipped with Hiromasa due to both being Minamoto clansmen, though they aren't given any connections in canon.
  • Junk Rare:
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Seimei himself. Period. Not only because he's the main character, but because he's a very kind Bishōnen who always tries to help people, very charismatic, a Chick Magnet, the fact that he is a Celibate Hero / Chaste Hero, and has no official canon Love Interest, leaves him very open to any possible pairings. Kagura, Yaobikuni, or Momiji being his most frequent ladies in fanworks, but it's not surprising to see him being paired with a lot of other characters in the series of any gender.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Mind Game Ship: Again, Yorimitsu and Onikiri.
  • Moe: The grand prize goes to Shirodōji with his adorable looks and mannerisms, being a good and caring friend, bringing out the Mujō brothers' Hidden Depths and just being a lovely boy in general. His friend Kurodōji is a close second despite – or rather because of – his being a Creepy Child.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Many characters, case in point Ushi-no-koku-mairi and Kijo Momiji, are bound to give you chills.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Online gaming circles overwhelmingly focus on the gameplay itself, particularly collecting/raising shikigami and PvP, while the story parts don't receive as much attention even before it devolved into an utter Kudzu Plot.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Let's just say that the public announcement system when somebody manages to summon an SSR or SP shikigami isn't very well-appreciated. On a server-wide scale, it would seem harmless, and in theory it promotes the practice of complimenting your friends or guildmates if they manage to hit the 1% sweet spot that results in a rare shikigami being summoned, but in practice, it tends to have the opposite effect, especially if a player is particularly unlucky with the gacha. If you've spent all of your hard-earned jade and mystery amulets without gaining anything good out of the gacha, being flooded with torrents of notifications that your other friends were more lucky than you doesn't help, as instead of prompting you to compliment them, it feels like the game is deliberately rubbing salt into the wound instead. And as the cherry on top, these cannot be ignored either, as the game will incessantly pester you with the red notification on your menu bar that will not go away unless you open your inbox and read the messages yourself.
    • Also, a lot of game mechanics are restricted to only being available at certain times of the day, usually for a few hours. This includes the basic Duel mode, the core PvP experience which would usually be the most appealing part of the game after you've completed the story content and built up a good team of shikigami, which is inexplicably only available for 4 hours per daynote  The would later adjust it so you can fight unranked practice matches (which give no rewards) at other times at least, although it's still a poor compensation for those who are serious about climbing the ranked ladder or farming Honor to buy rewards from the shop, and it pretty much ended up entirely useless anyway since, with no rewards to fight for, almost nobody queues up for it.
    • The Soul System in general; success or failure at the higher levels is determined by whether or not you can get perfectly optimised souls (when you see someone showing off their shiki build in chat that has 100% Crit and 300% Crit DMG you will burn with envy), but the system is blatantly and unashamedly rigged to screw you over, with flat DEF, DEF% and Effect HIT (on souls that don't synergise with it) being insanely more likely to appear when leveling souls than Crit, Crit DMG, SPD and Effect HIT (on souls that DO synergise with it). You can easily level up 10+ souls from level 0 to level 15 without getting a single rank-up on the essential stats, with soul after soul after soul having to be discarded because the game goes out of its way to only level up the useless ones.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night:
    • The Ōtengu/Yōko pairing is surprisingly popular within the fandom even though plot-wise they have never met.
    • Shoyō is also reportedly shipped with Kisei. The reason is likely because of their similar looks.
    • Since only a handful of shikigami make appearances in the plot, pairings that involve those who don't tend to be this by default.
  • Tear Jerker: Now with its own page.
  • That One Attack: Seimei's Divine Lightning passive. When he's attacked, Seimei has a 10% chance to proc a passive backlash that deals negligible damage, but has a whopping 20% chance to stun if he's upgraded enough. The fact that it's random makes Seimei a risky target in PvP, and it can even proc if he takes AoE Splash Damage or lingering DoT from someone else. Imagine you're within inches of an easy win, and then that bloody dragon stunned your important damage dealers, thus leading to a complete reversal and the opponent coming out victorious instead. For Seimei players, it's randomness makes it unreliable, but the stun property puts it above Kagura's similar counter move.
  • That One Boss: Known Game-Breaker characters, i.e Ibaraki-dōji and Susabi, are almost always nerfed in the story mode in order to help the player advance the story. The same cannot be said for Kuro Seimei, the final boss of chapter 18, to the point where there are entire forum threads dedicated to finding ways to defeat him.
  • That One Level: There are just too many to concisely list, so here are a few examples. They are mostly found in the secret skin dungeons, which are purposefully made to be as inhumanly hard as possible as the AI team cheats hard.
    • Shishio's secret 10 has you play Guess Who? with him and a bunch of his clones, but only hitting the real Shishio does anything, since attacking the copies instantly heals every one of them to full. This basically forces you to take single-target DPS shikigami as your main damage dealer. And should you manage to KO the real Shishio, the enemy lineup is replaced by an extremely tanky setup that spits in the face of the ST DPS that you brought. Worse yet, that second lineup has a Momo, who could just simply revive Shishio and the madness starts all over again.
    • Kingyo-hime's secret is just annoying to beat on level 10. Basically, you have to protect her while she takes the place of your onmyōji during the fights. Problem is, she's infuriatingly fragile, and will cause a mission failure if she dies. The AI being AI, they could just burst her down as soon as the battle begins and net you a game over, which they very well might. It wouldn't have been so bad otherwise, since with your own onmyōji you could manage the battle with their useful abilities. The other stages barely manage to avoid being here, since they're all rather simple to beat, before the meteoric difficulty spike takes round 10 right into this zone. And to top it off, the Bonus zone is simply round 10 but your Kingyo-hime is at base level and doesn't have any extra abilities, while the enemy boss does.
    • Higanbana's stage 10 is usually pleasant, until you reach the boss herself and realize that she could put up a shield to block all damage you deal for 1 turn. This may not sound very problematic in and of itself, but her flower field, on top of dealing high damage, also reduces your units' max HP by 30% of the damage dealt each tick, essentially putting a time/turn limit on your party until everybody dies from attrition. Normally, a high-leveled Chin and Onikiri could trivialize this fight, but the main issue is keeping them alive until the boss stage and beyond, as both are Glass Cannons, and the two battles immediately prior are very likely to put a huge dent in your party's health, making them all the more vulnerable to being one-shot by the flower field on the next turn, or Higanbana's own escorts should they survive. It's notably one of a very small handful of Secret maps that cannot be bruteforced by Orochi.
    • Inugami's secret is fairly easy if one has a reasonably strong team. However, stage 9 of that zone is a sharp Difficulty Spike, with three separate enemy CC shikigami (Dōmeki, Mōba, and Hōōka) bearing down on you at once, with startlingly high Effect HIT that virtually guarantees to proc, pretty much permanently stun-locking your team in place until they die. Worse still is that Dōmeki and Mōba have the Fortune Cat mitama equipped, which regularly refills their orb meters to full on turn, allowing them to just spam their CC abilities relentlessly. Unless you can get lucky with mitama upgrading and get a lot of Effect RES, or can roll/borrow an SP Shuten-dōji from a friend, who has total CC immunity (and even then Dōmeki can still disable his special, necessitating that she be killed first), it's going to be rather nightmarish to clear. Making things worse is the boss Inugami's random mitama that he gets whenever you bring his HP meter to 0. Better pray that he doesn't also get a CC set, or you're basically done for. Other than that, the rest of the secret zone is so easy it hurts.
    • The story mode is infamous for its first Kuro Seimei battle, so much so that passing chapter 18 acquired minor memetic status.
  • That One Sidequest: One of the regularly recurring weekly/fortnightly events is "Daruma Wishes", which adds random drops of cards with three types of Daruma (Base, Grade and Skill) on them which you can collect sets of from various actions to trade for these Daruma. Of course, Base and Grade Daruma are common enough that the only one worth bothering with is the Skill Daruma (limited to 2 per event), but two extra Skill Daruma is quite a nice bonus. Trading for a Skill Daruma, however, costs 15 copies of each card. While you're guaranteed to get a Skill Daruma card every time you complete a bounty (easy) and Grade Daruma cards aren't that hard to get from Evo material zones (they can still be frustratingly rare, but Evo zones are pretty easy to clear in mere seconds), the drop rate for the Base Daruma cards (from Soul zones) is beyond abysmal. Exact numbers aren't known, but it's estimated the drop rate is as low as 1-5% per run, so it's perfectly possible to do 20-30 Soul zones and not get even a single card. And since you need 30 to get the permitted 2 Skill Darumas, this means obscene amounts of grinding, which isn't even guaranteed to pay off at all! A lot of players wish NetEase would just scrap the event and replace it with one that's not so needlessly infuriating.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: How else would you explain how Yasha's Stripperiffic post-Awakening outfit hasn't fallen off yet?
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Onikiri, full stop. He is an intensely powerful and broken shikigami with a passive that lets him basically win matches with one hit, protection buffs be damned. Due to this, he's usually the one shikigami that you'll always use once you've summoned him, but at the same time he's also absolutely despised by those who have the misfortune of running into him in ranked matches without bringing another, extremely rare and specific SSR, along. See Game Breaker for more details.
  • Toy Ship: Shirodōji and Kurodōji. The former's being a Living Emotional Crutch for the latter leads to some very adorable moments in the story.
  • Unexpected Character: Of the three shikigami from Hozuki's Coolheadedness appearing in the game, Houzuki went without saying and Oko was a fairly obvious choice, but pairing Peach Maki with Karashi as a single character was a very unexpected choice, as Maki is a character so minor she doesn't even have a character entry on either our character page or the manga's own wiki. Even more ironically, Maki and Karashi are considered the most-useful of the three in-game.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • It is very easy to mistake Shirodōji and Kurodōji for girls until you hear their voices. There have also been fans who mistake Yōkinshi for a female character.
    • Tamamo-no-Mae, full stop.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Queen Himiko. A flawless example of The High Queen until disaster struck, snapping her mind like a twig and driving her to trap her entire kingdom in an endless "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Many fans have this reaction towards Takehito Koyasu in the role of Chōchin-obake.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: NetEase is now more known as the creator of Identity V; it's easy to forget this game was their first really big success.


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