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YMMV / One Pound Gospel

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  • Hollywood Pudgy: A staple. Kosaku is referred to as a fat pig most of the time because he can't manage to keep his weight stable despite looking quite athletic and muscular. Another such example involves a rival boxer named Matsuzaka who's been struggling to keep his weight up to Kosaku's level in order to fight him again. During the match, Matsuzaka does look slightly pudgy, yet everyone refers to him as "a whale". Of course, boxers below heavyweight have to be in incredible shape in order to compete, given the strict limits on what they can weigh, to the point that seeing any visible fat on these guys would be taken as a sign of being in sub-optimal shape for the bout. Some stories about real life boxers who have struggled with weight and eating habits talk about these fighters gaining as much as 40 to 60 pounds, (approx. 18 to 27 kg) in between fights, and then having to burn all that off in training.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Ryuusei Kurenai is a host and will lure everyone in his host club to trick them into buying expensive things because his parents sold him to the club to pay a huge debt, and now he has to pay it off, and won't shut up about that... Except he's lying about it and will admit it. Then again, the only reason he's lying is that his debt is twice of what he says.


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