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  • Demonic Spiders: Seagulls and Captain Tequila's pirate minions. Both have +1 Attack, which means they have the potential to KO most characters at full health, if they're lucky enough to roll a 6, and the opponent is unlucky enough to roll a 1, or sometimes, a 2.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The artwork for the Store Manager's hyper, "Banned for Life", sees him holding QP in a very suggestive manner while putting the "Ban" banner on her. Horiffic implications, much?
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  • Fan Nickname: Characters that specialize in combat (Yuki, Tomomo, Star Breaker, and Store Manager) are called bullies.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: 100% Orange Juice is the most popular game by this Japanese developer, among international fans; its fame dwarfs that of their "mainline" shmup releases, from which this game gets its cast. Fans even joke that people sometimes buy the other games solely to get the tie-in characters this game has.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Shortly after the swimsuits from the 2018 summer event got released, a certain unintended cosmetic combo achieved by choosing swimsuit Sora while also picking the school uniform color variation from the menu caused Sora to turn invisible since said color combination was not intended for use with said variation, and as such had no base sprite attached from it. The devs quickly fixed it, but not in time for people to save said combination as a preset outfitn for her, therefore bypassing the block completely. Needless to say, some people unaware of this bug were rightfully spooked out by an invisible Sora walking around the game board.
  • Memetic Badass: In the Scrubby Casuals episode "Blind Love", Glen and Goatjesus turn Kai into this.
    • Seagulls are often seen this way during Campaign mode as they tend to get 4s, 5s, and 6s far more often than any other NPC.
  • Memetic Troll: Star-stealing Marie Poppo.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Since getting a voice actor, Marie Poppo and her constant chanting of "Poppo!" is this. The fact that it's also very high-pitched just makes it worse.
    • Tomomo anytime she yells.
  • Skill Gate Character: Star Breaker is one of the most hated characters by beginners because of her battle stats, but falls apart in higher levels of gameplay due to her lack of versatility.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • Kyoko's theme is very reminiscent of "Children" by Robert Miles.
    • Aru's theme follows the same chord progression as Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You".
    • The first 15 seconds of Saki's theme sounds almost identical to the "Purification Chamber" song used in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
    • Tomomo (Casual)'s theme sounds rather similar in tone to Darkness from Konosuba.
    • Nath's theme features a riff from Beethoven's "Pathétique 3rd Movement", which might be more recognizable as Dance Dance Revolution's "Beethoven Virus". Touhou fans may instead recognize it as part of Remilia's "Septette for the Dead Princess".
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  • That One Boss: The Store Manager has 8 HP, +3 Attack and +2 Defense, making him a headache to defeat; and, like the Seagull above, his huge Attack stat make it a lot easier for him to KO most units, even if he rolls a 4 or 5.
  • That One Level: Tomomo Hell, one of the extra scenarios that can be unlocked after completing the normal campaigns. Here you have to play in Tomomo's Abyss against three Tomomos, who will have their dice rigged in the highest difficulties, and will actively seek to KO the player in battle. After completing the scenario (If you can actually complete it), you unlock the Tomomo's Abyss board, and Tomomo is also unlocked for purchase in the shop.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Anytime the stage bosses appear, they will almost always roll one defense or evade point higher than what the player or CPU plays reach so all attacks either do 1 HP of damage or miss.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • The game allows the player to, after lots of Money Grinding, buy access to playable versions of the Purposefully Overpowered boss characters. The problem is, the playable versions were nerfed into oblivion for Competitive Balance reasons, and so the amount of effort spent to acquire them isn't remotely worth the reward. The Flying Castle gets this especially bad, as its playable version is nigh-unanimously considered bottom tier; it's a tank that can't take a hit, an offensive character with no offensive options, and it relies entirely on its hyper card to even have a niche...for 2 turns, out of the typical 35 or so that games tend to last. Even in said niche, it's still fairly bad.
    • The bonus characters (awarded for purchasing other games by the same developer) tend to be looked down on, due to them being tiered considerably lower than their non-bonus (that is, only require buying one game) counterpart. The only exception is QP (Dangerous), who is considered only slightly worse than regular QP but still usable. The absolute worst bonus character, though, is Aru (Scramble), who desperately relies on her hyper card to be able to do anything of interest over regular Aru. Like Flying Castle above, her hyper isn't even good, and because of the nature of the game, it's entirely possible she'll simply never get it - in which case, her role is basically a punching bag for the other players. And like Flying Castle, she's unanimously considered bottom tier.
    • Star Breaker is a particular noteworthy example of a low-tier character. Her gimmick is that she can only achieve her norma objectives by winning battles. While this may sound good on paper, in practice, this method of winning matches is really flawed. There'a a lot of RNG involved to land on battle panels and engage with other players, and sometimes, the battles themselves may not work out in your favor. Once a boss appears, you're pretty much locked out of standard encounters until the boss is defeated. The type of board you're playing on also plays a factor. Large boards with a lot of branching paths gives other players plenty of options to avoid her, leaving her at a severe disadvantage for most of the match. The only time Star Breaker becomes a useful character is on smaller looping boards with little branching paths and with the battlefield event enabled. By then, she becomes borderline overpowered.
  • Unexpected Character: Let's face it, who expected Captain Tequila to actually appear as a playable character in this game?


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