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YMMV / Omega Quintet

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  • Awesome Music: Because a game based around idols beating the living crap out of monsters needs an awesome soundtrack to go with it.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Takt. Some find his complete disinterest in the Verse Maidens and romance in general to be a refreshing change from the typical Vanilla Protagonist that tends to flood the harem genre, and find his snarkiness (as well as him eventually giving up) towards the party's antics to be amusing and a good portrayal of what a character in that situation would actually be like. Others believe that the game would be better off without him and the game should just focus on the idol group.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Marina Inoue voices Eva who becomes an idol later on in the aforementioned game. In this game, she's now the veteran idol Momoka. Guess all that idol training paid off.
  • That One Attack: Any breath skills. Not only do they hit multiple times harder than every attack enemies have, but they also inflict every ailment. Yes, this includes stun and instant death, so surviving it may end up with the idol(s) that takes the hit dying anyway, simply because they got unlucky.


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