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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Surprisingly Gilderoy Lockhart. Here, he's not quite as delusional as he is in canon, and the fact that he knows how to work the media makes him a valuable ally to Harry. It's actually played very well how Lockhart can help Harry and vise versa. It's surprising when this interpretation made Lockhart a fan favorite. This reaction even shocked the author, enough to eventually write another story where Lockhart raises Harry entitled "When In Doubt, Obliviate!", which now has its own trope page.
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    • In-Universe, Harry wonders if Madame Hooch is a Squib, noting that he's never actually seen her do magic. This is eventually debunked halfway through his second year.
  • Angst? What Angst?: The author points out that she intentionally didn't write any scenes at the beginning with Harry angsting about losing his wife and unborn child to the time loop, but that any reader who feels the need for it may imagine that it happened off-screen.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Invoked. Harry spends a lot of time making sure that, once he goes to the graveyard, the scales will be tipped in his favor as much as possible. When the time finally comes, Harry deliberately dies to one of Voldemort's curses to get rid of the bit of soul inside him, immediately comes back, and hits Voldemort with a Killing Curse at the same Sirius arrives and also curses Voldemort. It's very cathartic.
  • Awesome Moments:
    • In general, the sheer magnitude to which Harry does not give a fuck in this timeline. Seeing him mercilessly Troll and run circles around the likes of Snape, Malfoy, Pettigrew, and friggin' Voldemort is truly a sight to behold.
    • In canon, one of Snape's biggest Kick the Dog moments is when he responded to Neville screwing up a potion by saying he'd feed it to Neville's pet toad at the end of the class. If Neville got it wrong, which everyone expected him to do, the toad would probably die, making this an absurdly cruel thing to do to a student. But in this timeline, Neville has a lot more self-confidence. So, what does he do when Snape makes the threat this time. Says, "Okay," and then, without missing a beat, knocks his potion over and spills it everywhere.
  • Crazy Awesome: Harry. The other characters even think of him as this in universe.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The joke of Draco being the love child of Narcissa and Snape takes on a new dimension of fun when you learn that in Cursed Child his son would eventually be declared the love child of Astoria and Voldemort.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Harry during his second year, after Lockhart teaches him to merchandise using his natural charisma.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Due to the deconstructions, a lot of the first few chapters reveal this from the original first book book now that Harry's looking at it though older eyes instead of just being an awed eleven year old. Examples include:
    • Neville's family (namely his Great-Uncle Algie) was technically trying to kill him to see if he had magic powers
    • What if Seamus's dad had reacted to his mom being a witch the same way Snape's did?
    • The fact that even the Weasleys have engaged in some subtle anti-muggle racism, though Ron doesn't seem to notice it (see the main page).


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