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YMMV / Office Christmas Party

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  • Acceptable Targets: All the usual stereotypes are in play:
    • Clay is a trustfund baby who would be living on the streets if he didn't have a job handed to him just for being the son of the CEO.
    • Carol is an uptight corporate shrew that has no problem cutting scores of jobs just to save money, only to spend said savings on Christmas bonuses for the higher-ups.
    • Mary the HR rep is a killjoy and her attempts to celebrate Christmas come across as milquetoast.
    • Trina and Savannah are a pimp and an escort. Both extort money out of men with no regard to ethics or even safety.
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    • Walter the prospective investor is all business and no fun, requiring drugs to enjoy himself.
    • Nate the IT guy is a standard Bollywood Nerd who needs to pay a woman to be his girlfriend for just an hour though he does eventually get with Allison on his own merits. His assistants even moreso, as even Mary is willing to look the other way when Nate gets tough with them.
    • Fred from accounting is sexually repressed to the point where he may have an Oedipus complex. And that's ignoring the Asian and Nerdy aspect.
  • Cliché Storm: As all the stereotypes mentioned under Acceptable Targets show, this film doesn't exactly have the most unique cast of characters.
  • Crazy Is Cool: Clay. The man can put on a hell of a party at such short notice.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Somebody drew a picture of Carol sodomising Clay, when it's been established that they're brother and sister. Even more outrageous is Clay's response to it.
    "If anything it should be me fucking her!"
    • When Carol encounters a mischievous little girl named Darcy, she fakes a phone call to Santa telling him to cancel all of her presents and maybe even confiscate any toys she already has. She may very well have possibly scarred that little girl, but then again Darcy had it coming.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Mary reveals that she threatened to ruin a co-worker if he didn't have sex with her. Post-#MeToo, this moment now makes for uncomfortable viewing. Even Josh seems a little too relaxed upon hearing it.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Carol Vanstone is a cold woman, but it's made clear in several instances that she was always considered second-best to her lazy, goofball brother and that she had to work much harder just to achieve what was simply handed to Clay.
  • Squick: Clay wrestles Carol to the ground and tries to spit in her mouth.
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  • The Woobie: Nate gets conned out of his life-savings by an unscrupulous escort and her gun-toting pimp.