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YMMV / Now You See It...

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  • Fridge Brilliance: When Danny is being examined by Max's team of experts, the lineup is two scientists, a supposed real psychic, and Max himself, sitting in that order. Or, to put it another way, two scientists, and two supernaturals, perfectly split in the middle
  • Magnificent Bastard: Max is an Evil Sorcerer masquerading as a Stage Magician. Prior to the start of the film Max gave his mentor a magical ring which he used to steal his powers and kill him. Taking over his mansion, years later Max sets up a reality show for gifted young magicians as a ploy to lure out another wizard. Taking an interest in protagonist Danny Sinclair, Max convinces the public that Danny's magic isn't real while tutoring him in private, giving him a ring to "control" his powers with the intent of killing him, playing the same trick he used on his former mentor and almost succeeding.

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