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YMMV / Noel Fielding

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  • Crazy Awesome: He wears capes in public, has no sense of reality, and sometimes laughs maniacally at things nobody else can understand.
    • He sometimes pretends to be a vampire, and is amused when he is mistaken for a female.
  • Ho Yay: We dare you to watch any interview that includes Julian Barratt and attempt to ignore the obvious tension there. On Alan Carr, Fielding admitted he felt 'tension and chemistry' with Barratt, and in a behind the scenes episode of The Mighty Boosh, states that two have kissed numerous times before.
    • Noel Fielding made out with Chris Corner... On stage... In front of everyone.
    • And of course, he and a Russell Brand did a hell of a lot of flirting and cuddling and kissing as The Goth Detectives team.
    • Had a lot with Ed Sheeran when they were on the same team in a 2012 episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. After Ed told a few strange stories, Noel giggled, smiled at him in adoration, said. "I slightly love you," hugged him, and spent the rest of the episode being touchy feely with him, which the audience found adorable.


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