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YMMV / Nobuta Wo Produce

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  • Adaptation Displacement: At least to Western fans, the drama is significantly better known than the original book.
  • Funny Moments: When Akira walks into Shuji's house with a suitcase...., completely freaking his family out.
    • Actually, whenever Akira goes to Shuji's place.
  • Ho Yay: Shuji and Akira have a lot of this. Akira is always touching Shuji, hugging Shuji, making kissy-faces at Shuji, draping himself all over Shuji, latching onto Shuji's hip, shoving his hands down Shuji's pants, and climbing into Shuji's bed. Shuji is annoyed by all this at first, until they both move to a far-off town and give each other bum-grabbing infused piggy-back rides.
    • There's some Nobuta/Bando, and Nobuta/Mariko.
      • The Les Yay with Bando comes from the love confession episode, where she claims on a stage in front of all her classmates to have changed her mind about who she wants to confess her love to, and points to Bando. Bando, rather than do what everyone expects her to and pull the rejection string (which will pour water over Nobuta), instead pulls the love string, which rains hundreds of flowers down on Nobuta.
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  • The Woobie: Through and through, Nobuta. The girl needs some hugs pronto.