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  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The main plot surrounding the childhood proposal mystery. Despite having a rather engaging beginning that had a plethora of fans invested, only a few details overall about it were disclosed since then. That being said, the chapters that actually focus on childhood proposal are generally considered the best ones. The problem is that for each main story chapter there's at least five one shot chapters that serve little purpose beyond drawing out the manga. What's more is that even the characters themselves begun to not even care, especially when it was starting to seem like Raku said it to more than one person. Whenever anyone mentions it now it tends to be about how much it doesn't matter. The matter was finally revealed in Chapter 221 to be Onodera much to everyone's non-surprise, after two-hundred and twenty chapters of beating around the bush.
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    • Marika's Arranged Marriage arc that lasted from chapters 180 to 195 had some people getting impatient to have it come to an end. The backlash is usually from the folk who aren't Marika fans that want the spotlight on somebody else, and are bewildered as to why one of Nisekoi's longer story arcs was given to such a character. It's telling that many fans want her to just drop dead already.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • While Kosaki is popular with the Japanese fandom due to her Yamato Nadeshiko traits, topping character polls of the series, she is a much more divisive figure in Western fandom. In the latter fandom she's either "weak and boring" or "the only truly nice girl in the harem," with little middle ground.
    • Chitoge's popularity among the fans of the series is split between those who love her for being a compelling heroine with great character development during the manga's run, and those who hate her and see her as a borderline scrappy whose violent tsundere traits (especially at the beginning) with regards to Raku rubbed people off the wrong way. Her actions near the end of manga (see Broken Base below) split the fandom over her character even further.
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    • Raku is either liked for being one of the few unique harem protagonists in recent years or is loathed for being a supremely dense idiot whose obliviousness towards the other girls' feelings border over insensitivity.
  • Broken Base:
    • Studio Shaft of all companies getting the rights to making the anime adaptation has caused a major split in the fandom. You're either on the side that enjoys the unique quirks they bring to the Rom-Com genre, or you're on the side that thinks SHAFT's style is just too much of an out-of-place distraction to fuse with this kind of story. The latter opinion only intensified with each Blu-Ray episode release, where the studio added all sorts of color filters to scenes that, in the original TV airing, looked completely normal, leaving watchers to wonder what the hell was the production thinking.
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    • Chitoge running off to America. While you have everyone thinking this an incredibly bold move on her part, there were some fans who considered the action selfless and respectfully bowing out after hearing that Kosaki liked Raku so that her friends can get together and she doesn't have to break Kosaki's heart by getting with him, while others derided her for running away from her feelings in a big way and ultimately suffering no punishment or calling out for it, especially given that she ran off without telling anybody and they'd been looking everywhere for her for months. Some predict that despite this she's going to get Raku anyway and Kosaki would have to deal with the emotional baggage of that. Lo and behold, this is what happens in Chapter 227.
    • The series itself has some debate over those who are okay with its cliche plots and those who aren't. The positive fans cite the series as one that feels refreshing and straightforward after most harem manga try to shake the genre up or spin certain tropes on their head. The negative ones meanwhile cite that same straightforwardness as boring and mention that the amount of time the manga takes to get to those cliched plot points makes it a chore to read.
    • The fans' reception to the manga's conclusion (Raku choosing Chitoge over the other girls, especially Onodera, and their "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue) is...divisive so to speak.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Many, many people had guessed from the beginning that the promise girl was Onodera. Guess who it turned out to be?
  • Cliché Storm: Critics have accused this series of being this, doing little to innovate itself within the Harem genre.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ending Fatigue: While the plot is largely derided for being dull, after Marika is Put On The Bus and Raku has a Love Epiphany towards Chitoge a scant few chapters later, many fans see little reason to keep the series going. Instead the series goes on, determined to have Raku reject everyone else before the story is over.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Side characters Ruri and Shuu are quite popular. note 
    • Out of Raku's Harem candidates, Marika always scores 1st in Popularity Polls. Marika naturally gloats about it to Chitoge's face whenever it happens. This however can be largely blamed on a Big Name Fan nicknamed "Y-san", who infamously purchased 800 copies of Weekly Shounen Jump just he could supply votes for Marika and is known for voting in the online polls literally thousands of times.
    • Haru Onodera. Introduced late in the series, people regarded her as The Scrappy. After a series of Character Development, she becomes a fan favorite, despite her limited appearances.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • The revelation that the picture book has four distinct endings gave rise to some fans who'd like to see what would happen if Raku had the same amount of options to take by the story's end.
    • The next generation. Even people who weren't particularly happy about the ending of the manga were curious about what kind of antics Sasa and Haku would be getting into and what the other offspring would look like, with some even hoping for a reverse harem with Sasa at the center.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A lot of the impressions as to the manga's ending draw multiple parallels with The World God Only Knows which ended nearly two years prior, to clarify: both series had a severe case of Ending Fatigue which bored off some fans; the male leads on both series end up choosing a girl who is not the Patient Childhood Love InterestClarification ; and (crossing with the Relationship Voice Actor entry on the Trivia Page) three of the main love interests on both series share common voice actresses. Which is all the more gut-wrenching when one realizes that both Kosaki and Shiori share the same seiyuu.
  • Hollywood Homely: People sometimes wonder how someone who looks like Raku could end up with girls like Chitoge. This trope is zig-zagged though, since it's revealed he was actually quite popular amongst the girls in middle school.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • Chapter 52, where Raku has to find out Chitoge's measurements in order to open a briefcase. He figures that asking her upfront would label him as a pervert. So what does he do? He sneaks into the girl's room during their physicals, followed by disguising himself as a doctor to look at the charts. And when that all fails, he decides to finally ask her directly. By shouting it as loud as possible in a room filled with changing girls. It's even lampshaded by Raku himself at one point as he wonders why he decided to sneak into the girl's room in the first place.
    • An extra in chapter 105 has the group going to a hot spring that features a geyser that shoots the bag containing the girls' clothes over to the men's side, with only Raku present at the time. Instead of simply calling out to him, telling him the situation and asking him to close his eyes while they retrieve their clothes, they make several attempts to sneak past him to the bag. While completely naked.
  • Internet Backdraft: The Japanese fans are not totally pleased to the upcoming live-action movie.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: As the series went on, it became clear to a lot of readers that the Childhood Marriage Promise Story Arc was just an Excuse Plot to establish a setting for current-time Harem shenanigans, but what keeps people coming back are the crazy, and absolutely hilarious, facial expressions seen amongst the characters. In addition, as described in Fan-Preferred Couple, a good chunk of readers continue to follow the series just to see how the Shuu/Ruri pairing plays out.
  • Les Yay:
    • Kosaki and Chitoge have a little bit during their bonding moment in chapter 69.
      • When Raku and Chitoge are locked in a room together early on in the series, Chitoge brings up Kosaki and talks about how sweet, cute, and wonderful she finds her and feels she "could get real tight with that girl". When Raku then starts gushing about Kosaki himself, Chitoge's response is to say that he "gets her" and that she agrees that Kosaki is "a total Girl's Girl", sparkles in her eyes as she says all this. A little bit later, Kosaki herself comes to look at Chitoge fondly and internally fawn over how charming and friendly she finds her so this goes both ways.
      • If you've listened to (and managed to understand) the Drama CD included with Kosaki's Recover Decoration single, then you'll get to hear Chitoge practically gush over how cute Kosaki was being when she was asked to vocally act out line requests from fans of Chitoge's radio show. Multiple times. You can even hear Chitoge breathing hard in excitement when Kosaki tried out the first one.
    • There's also some between Chitoge and Marika, in a Foe Yay sense given that they're rivals. The most blatant instance of this was the incident at the public bathhouse, where the two of them, while totally nude beneath the towels wrapped around them, sit next to each other at the sauna in competition to see which of them could endure the heat the longest, which ultimately results in them both passing out. Again, right next to each other and with nothing but towels on.
    • Paula and Seishirou have a bit as well, though mainly Paula. A drunk Seishirou even kisses Paula in chapter 173 after commenting that she has soft looking lips, the same thing she said to Raku a few moments before.
    • Marika's friend Mikage is described as being a "dirty old man" and is possibly an outright lesbian and it's hinted that the person she likes is Marika, though she says she's saving herself for Johnny Depp.
    • Haru's friend Fuu-Chan has some strong feelings for Haru. There is also Haru's slight obsession with becoming friends with Paula.
      • An extra has Fuu-chan taking pictures of Haru in exceedingly sexy poses, after they're done Haru asks Fuu-chan if she's okay because her nose is bleeding, basically confirming her being gay for Haru.
    • Haru is just a Les Yay magnet. In addition to Fuu-chan and Paula above, Chapter 201 introduces her kouhai, Ricchan. The first thing Ricchan did after greeting her? Attempt a lover's kiss.
  • Memetic Loser: At least on some Western Image Boards, Onodera quickly became one in the manga's final stages due to her insecurity, her backing out on telling Raku how she really feels even after Chapter 225, and her place in the ending shown without a full panel, being single and baking a cake for Raku and Chitoge's wedding.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Claude placing a listening device on Chitoge to listen to her every conversation and then locking Chitoge in an isolated room with no phone reception after listening to her plans of running away from home and stay at Raku's, cutting her off from any and all contact with her friends and not just Raku until they leave to America is definitely his biggest dick move in the entire series.
    • Claude then tops that by actually pointing a gun at Raku to prevent him from meeting Chitoge in chapter 218 just because of his jealousy.
  • One True Threesome: Chitoge/Raku/Tsugumi is a rather popular threesome. Raku/Chitoge is highly considered to come out as the primary romance, but because Tsugumi has shown feelings for Raku, and also happens to be a longtime friend to Chitoge, she is often seen as a mistress for the both of them.
    • Alternatively, Chitoge/Raku/Kosaki as an easy solution for the primary Love Triangle.
  • Padding: From the introduction of Haru until Marika's long subplot with her mother is a very long stretch of chapters that only rarely addresses the main plot. The entire stretch of padding took well over a year to get through, and even then the final chapters still get padded out in places and we end up with Ending Fatigue.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Haru was initially highly unpopular for her unfair attitude and unpleasant behavior, including going so far as to threaten to break Raku's pendant if he turned out to be the 'prince' that helped her earlier. However, as she interacted with him more she mellowed out considerably and even became more popular than her sister with some fans, who believe that she has more in common with Raku and is just all around more interesting.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Haru, Onodera's little sister, did not leave a good impression on readers shortly after her introduction for almost the exact same flaws people disliked about Chitoge early on...only much worse. She was since then Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, see above.
    • Claude can get this reaction from some for his overprotectiveness towards Chitoge after it stopped being a source of comedy fuel and started getting too creepy, or to some it always was creepy and only got worse. Raku's Yakuza group are at best misguided in their good intentions or being overbearing with it, but Claude is actively malicious and inconsiderate, making him the series' Hate Sink for many.
  • Ship Sinking: While most of the ships like Yui, Tsugumi or Marika never had a serious chance, they kept going steady for several years before Yui finally set the stage for the end by confessing and being rejected, followed in short order by Marika and the others until it was down to just Onodera and Chitoge, the latter of whom won out.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: As expected of a harem show with multiple girls, viewers are split on who they'd want Raku to end up with. The crowning example is with either Chitoge or Kosaki, which then leads to...
    • OT3 After Chitoge and Kosaki started becoming close, and the reveal that they used to be friends as kids, shipping both of them with Raku has started to become popular.
    • Another OT3 candidate with Raku is Chitoge and Tsugumi to which people will pair off Raku and Chitoge, but then have Tsugumi at the side as their loyal mistress.
  • Theme Pairing: The Fan-Preferred Couple Shuu/Ruri pairs two observant, savvy bespectacled characters who are each best friends with a member of the main harem and are frequently involved with it without romantic involvement with those in it. This is even invoked with them being referred to as "glasses buddies." Becomes an Official Couple toward the end of the series.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: You'd be surprised as to how many people thought the plot from the one-shot chapters were better than the actual overall manga. There are also those who were interested in the premise to start with but feel it's potential got wasted through Arc Fatigue.
    • Raku and Chitoge being the children of gangsters with warring gangs is one of the more unique angles of the harem romance set-up, as they have to pretend to be a couple in order to keep their fathers' respective gangs at peace with each other rather than risk a gang war that could destroy the whole town. Yet the two lead characters' family lives, how their fathers' line of work has effected them growing up, and what effect the Yakuza and Mafia gangs might have on the community around them, as well as the threat they could pose should Raku and Chitoge mess up their fake relationship, goes largely unexplored.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Chitoge after her spat with Raku at the beach. It's a bit hard to feel sorry for her after Raku insinuates that a real relationship probably wouldn't work out with such a violent Tsundere, especially after she proclaims to hate him about 10 times after he admitted that he doesn't dislike her as much as he used to. She then completely shuns him and wants to cut off their staged relationship, only to slap Raku in the face when he gets fed up with her and actually agrees to cutting it off like she just said she wanted. Chitoge's position only gets more sympathetic in retrospect when we learn more about her issues, as then it's clear that she felt here like Raku was citing all the things Chitoge already hates about herself and saying that he hates them about her too and that such qualities would make it impossible for a real relationship with her to ever work out. But her following response was still disproportionate to Raku's actions, yet only he is made to apologize for being inconsiderate.
    • Raku fell into this late into the manga, as the more obvious the main girls' feelings for him, especially Onodera's, became on a surface level yet went totally unnoticed by Raku, the more it seemed like Raku was not just Oblivious to Love but oblivious altogether, inconsiderate, and unable to read the feelings of others around him due to being self-absorbed, internalizing what he feels and thinks about any given circumstances or people but never giving a thought to how his friends and possible Love Interests might feel and think, even when said friends and Love Interests' outward behaviors made it all too obvious and should've clued him in.
  • Values Dissonance: To western viewers it can seem very strange that Kyouko-sensei would quit her job just because she was getting married, or that during the career counseling in 122 marriage would be seen as an alternative to a career instead of a separate issue. While it is increasingly uncommon for a woman to quit her job in The West due to getting married, in Japan and Eastern countries it's common enough to be expected.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Most of the times, Raku is an Accidental Pervert due to situations beyond his own control. This is not the case in Chapter 52, where he invites it upon himself after pulling one stupid antic after the other.
    • Paula in the beauty pageant, who tries to come out as this mysterious beauty to get more votes, and she would have been successful...had she not forgotten to give her name, meaning people didn't know who to vote for.
  • Woolseyism: Marika's proper speech is translated into English as a southern-US accent. Both accents have associations with a lack of sophistication, which is meant to contrast her normal formal and refined speech patterns, which don't translate well.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: The overly long ties that are part of the girls' uniform were likely meant to make the uniform stand out, but they just end up looking more impractical than anything (especially since they're held in place with a staple to keep from getting in the way, and they still look like they'd get in the way).


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