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YMMV / Nintendo Badge Arcade

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  • Base-Breaking Character: The Arcade bunny: cute, funny, and endearing; or creepy, annoying, and sinister? Especially since in general, his startup dialogue takes a very long time to get through before getting onto the main game itself.
  • Broken Base: There's a major rift between people who like the idea of being able to personalize their 3DS with badges to those who refuse to even give the game a chance because of its blatant money grubbing premise, saying it would have been better to just sell the badges up front than thinly veil it behind a game.
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  • Good Bad Bugs: Machines that start with a badge moving or falling occasionally have one or more of them fall into the catch zone without you needing to use a play. You won't actually get them unless you do use a play though, an Invisible Wall will stop badges from dropping all the way if you haven't put any money in or don't have any free plays.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The arcade bunny is just bound to make a dozen whenever a new set of badges with importance are released. The first day alone, his costume change to a real life bunny (except pink) became a meme immediately.
    • Play coins. Every other post on Miiverse in the Arcade's community complains that plays aren't purchased with play coins.
    • "Be the crane..."
  • That One Level: The Bomb Machines and the Stick Machines are quite tricky to complete. You many have to spend a lot of eShop funds to complete them.

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