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YMMV / 9 to 5

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  • Award-Bait Song: The title song, performed by Dolly Parton, was nominated for an Oscar, and won two Grammys. It also became the second single ever by a female Country artist to top both Billboard's Country chart and the main Hot 100 chart, topping the latter for two non-consecutive weeks in 1981.
  • Special Effects Failure: When Hart spins his head in Violet's fantasy after drinking poisoned coffee, you can tell that the same shot of him moving his head quickly is repeated several times.
  • Values Resonance: Many of the reforms the secretaries introduce, such as adjustable hours, decorating cubicles and less formal dress codes, have been adopted by most businesses since the film. A lot of businesses have even dumped the time clock.
    • The 'equal pay' dispute also remains a key issue today.
  • The Woobie: Doralee is the nicest person on Earth, but since the office thinks she's sleeping with Hart, she gets treated like crap.
    • Judy is naive and starting out in the working world after her husband left her. Hart gives her a hard time about the copy machine, despite the fact she hasn't been employed for, say, 20 years.
    • Frank’s wife. She’s naive, but genuinely sweet to everyone. It’s heavily implied that Frank is only with her for her money and connections yet she loves him anyway despite the fact he treats her badly.


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