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  • Broken Base – Some fans of her darker material dislike Chelsea Girl for its Baroque Pop sound, while others love it.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Hoo boy! Lots of it! Especially on The Marble Index, Desertshore, and The End.... Influential rock critic Lester Bangs admitted in a 1978 review that The Marble Index scared the shit out of him. (He also called it "the greatest piece of 'avant-garde classical' 'serious' music of the last half of the 20th century so far").
  • Older Than They Think - Nico predated Kate Bush in the "first quirky female keyboard-playing singer-songwriter" department by 12 years.
    • And around the same time appeared Laura Nyro. That's not the point, for these three are very different from one another. Although such department wasn't really thought out about until Kate Bush and, much later, Tori Amos came along.
  • One-Scene Wonder - Her work on The Velvet Underground & Nico: vocals on "Femme Fatale", "All Tomorrow's Parties" and "I'll Be Your Mirror". She was supposed to sing "Sunday Morning" as well but Lou Reed decided to take over at the last minute; you can still hear her backing vocals in the last minute of the track if you turn up the volume and pay attention.
  • Tear Jerker: A good chunk of Chelsea Girl, as well as "You Forget To Answer" and "Afraid".
  • Vindicated by History: Her albums sold few copies upon release, but are now considered classics.


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