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YMMV / Never Satisfied

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Happens to the majority of the main cast — see Base-Breaking Character below.
    • Ana is antagonistic towards Lucy in chapters two, four, and seven. While most of the fanbase agrees that she crosses a line in chapter four when she needles them with several below-the-belt attacks, readers are divided over whether she's being needlessly petty and refusing to give Lucy a chance, or if her resentment of them is understandable since it's based in their superior façade.
    • Lucy isolates themselves by means of pretending to be much more arrogant than they actually are. Fans are divided over whether to relate to this behavior or criticize it.
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    • Is Philomena spoiled sweet or condescendingly compassionate?
    • Tetsu, like Isra, is excited to study Su-Yeong. Are they being needlessly invasive, or Innocently Insensitive?
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Ana. Especially after her scene with Lucy in chapter four, fans have contended over whether she's sympathetic or needlessly cruel.
    • January, especially during chapter five. Discussions during her fight with Seiji got to the point that Corny needed to turn comments off.
    • Philomena. Some fans criticize her for being oblivious to the feelings and experiences of others, while others contend that she's been sheltered to the point of isolation and feels guilty for not realizing she's hurt someone else.
    • Seiji, for many of the same reasons as January.
  • Cargo Ship: "I dunno, I'd hit it."
  • Crack Pairing: Corny's open to most ships with their characters, but when someone sent them an ask mentioning they shipped Lucy/Seiji, they were taken aback, to say the least. Fans then swarmed Corny's inbox with ridiculous ships, including but not limited to Joe/Lapointe, Tobi/Sylas, Ivy/Ferb, January/Broom Girl, and Seiji/Su-Yeong.
    • Corny lamented that, like a trainwreck, Lucy/Seiji was distressingly compelling and drew ship content for it.
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    • This became even funnier several months later when Sylas teased Seiji in-comic over Lucy being his type.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Two words, Broom Girl. Her popularity was swept to higher heights after she saved Lucy from possible execution.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Lucy. Fan-suggested romantic partners for them have included Ana, Broom Girl, Philomena, Seiji, Su-Yeong, Sylas, and Tobi.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Despite the main cast's names and pronouns appearing on the cast page, this crops up from time to time.
    • Lucy and Tetsu are canonically nonbinary and consistently referred to with they/them pronouns, both in-universe and by the author. This doesn't stop readers from obstinately using she/her (and, less commonly, he/him) pronouns for them, even after Sylas corrected Seiji on mistakenly using incorrect pronouns for them in-comic.
      Seiji: That one kind of looks like...
      Sylas: Who? Lucy?
      Seiji: Is that her name?
      Sylas: Their.
      Seiji: Their name. Who are they?
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    • Neith got this as well — fans assumed she was a man despite obviously having breasts.

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