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  • Anvilicious: "Suicide Hotline," which was a big anvil drop on Germaine needing to stop crying over her failing career as a poet and move on with her life. Which actually isn't a bad idea.
  • Author Appeal: There are frequent and numerous references to various objects/organs getting shoved up Germaine's bum. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Broken Base:
    • Fans became divided when the series gained an Art Shift during the reboot. Some fans like the new clean and more detailed art style while others prefer the old rough cartoony style.
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    • Germaine in the reboot becoming more sexual and being covered in jizz nearly all the time and in absurd amounts have also split the fans. People either like how insane and absurd it is for Germaine to be constantly masturbating and being splashed with jizz while other fans hate how she became a Flanderization of her sexual desires. "Exit to Asylum" revealed that all the sexual shenanigans Germaine was put through was done on purpose in order to show how women are viewed as sex objects by men while society keeps harping on about how women should look perfect.
    • The Point of it All (part 1) episode where it's revealed that the entire series was all made up in Germaine's head and all the people she met were just figments of her imagination (Mammed Udi is real and is Germaine's psychologist instead of being a tech support agent that she envisioned). Foamy himself was just a hand puppet used by Germaine to express her true feelings and it helped her regain her sanity after she went insane over how she felt like society was treating her. Some fans expressed outrage at how the plot was made while others enjoyed the surprise twist. Part 2 got people to calm down after it was revealed that Foamy was real after all and Germaine really was pretending to be Foamy in a lengthy Obfuscating Insanity ploy. Part 3 divided people again after it revealed that the entire series was completely made up and was seen through Germaine's eyes because she's an artist and writer and has a vivid imagination. In other words, the entire series was just a book written by Germaine. It was also vaguely implied that some of the events in the series may have occurred for real and others were just made up, but it's not clear which is what. The reactions are pretty much similar to the ones made in part 1. Taken to yet another level in a bonus episode following The Point of it All series where it's revealed that everything in the series, including the three Point of it All episodes, was actually Germaine writing neuroitc fan fiction of herself because she can't cope with society and is constantly anxious, which brings the entire series in full circle. While a lot of fans love the mind fuckery of it all, many others either think the author is making an Ass Pull or are simply tired of having no cohesive story.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Several times.
    • "Why am I glowing?"
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Foamy is the star, but everyone loves Pilz-E.
    • And Begley has an even bigger following, despite not appearing in many episodes.
  • Ethnic Scrappy : The Hatta.
  • Fridge Horror: Foamy apparently had 632 owners over a period of 400 years. He explains that each owner had 10 years to prove themselves worth saving, and those who failed died of their own stupidity or by Foamy having them killed. If each owner had gotten the full ten years, he'd have only had 40 owners. Only four were found worthy of the reboot button, which means that 628 did not get second chances, and we're not told how many (or indeed, if any) of these leftovers got the full ten years. There's no indication that Foamy ever simply left an unworthy owner without killing them or seeing them die which, if the time is spread out evenly, means that most of Foamy's owners were dead within two years. More than likely the time is not spread out evenly, so some of them died much quicker than that, and every owner that did get to the ten-year mark lessens the possible amount of time for the rest of them. One hopes that this is simply a case of Writers Cannot Do Math.
    • Which makes one wonder how awful those people would have had to have been for Foamy to not even stick with them for a year, whether he killed them or not. Cynical and irritable as he is, he seems to have a decent amount of patience in the long run, if one observes his relationship with Germaine.
    • At least one of Foamy's previous owners has been seen within the series, the one he had right before Germaine. He was a man obsessed with becoming the "perfect asexual hybrid" only to abuse witchcraft and piss off some elder gods resulting in him becoming a man/woman hybrid instead. However, it was never revealed if this owner ever got the reboot button offered to him so its unknown how him and Foamy parted ways, although if he was given a reboot which resulted in said magical fiasco, it could explain why he/she holds a grudge and deathwish for Foamy.
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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: From the "Ninja Christmas" episodes, Foamy says: "Christmas in Connecticut gives me violent thoughts." This was shortly before the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting.
  • Heartwarming Moments: This, thank you Foamy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In "Telekinetic Pornography", Germaine complains about not being hired anywhere and thinks she should just run away and live off the land. In the later season of the series, Germaine does exactly what she wanted to do previously as a way to find herself.
    • In "Super Cult", Foamy tries to convince Germaine to join a cult run by Satan, but she refuses to do so in order to keep her soul. In "Radio Offer", Germaine is revealed to have sold her soul for money to the devil via radio advertisement just to pay the rent and doesn't care what happens after that.
    • In "User Agreement", after Germaine installs bloatware on the computer, Foamy comments how the program is over 6GB in size and that video games don't take up that much space. Cut ahead to a few years later where most video games today require more than 6GB of space to install and if it doesn't, it gets bigger when DLC is involved.
    • "A Missing Element" has Germaine whining about her poetry not having a lasting impact like other famous poets and then thinks she should just have poetry written on her ass and posted on her web site. A few seasons later after Germaine becomes obese, she has poetry written on her back and ass and posts the results on her web site.
    • In "Monkey Punch", Begley suggests that if Germaine wanted to kill herself, sneaking into an ape's zoo enclosure and enraging it with a punch to the face in order to get it to maul her would be the perfect way to do so. About a year after it was uploaded, the Harambe incident happened, where a child snuck into the gorilla's enclosure and their subsequent rescue led to Harambe's execution.
  • Iconic Character, Forgotten Title: Due to Foamy's popularity and tendency to hog the spotlight, a lot of people seem to forget the show is called "Neurotically Yours" and insist on calling it "Foamy" or "Foamy the Squirrel".
  • Lowest Common Denominator: Averted. The series may look like nothing but a girl and her pet squirrel causing wacky hijinks, but the series has a very deep storyline with character development (mostly for Germaine). The series doesn't get in the face of its viewers when it comes to the story elements, but they're still out in the open for the more observant viewer to find and look into. A good chunk of people don't know that there is a story (or they just outright ignore it) and they watch the cartoons just because it has a hot girl with a foul mouthed squirrel.
  • Misaimed Fandom: The Germaine character. She was a satire of the teenage goth chick stereotype that hates men hitting on her but feel it's OK for her to flirt and she slowly grows more and more sexual as the series went on while being in denial about it. The fans saw this as "Germaine should be more naked", to which the author responded with making Germaine bald and fat. Fans then either complained about it or liked her even more for being fat, completely missing the point that Germaine is supposed to be a parody of girls that are being hypocritical on their sexuality.
    • Then again, fans who see Germaine as nothing but Ms. Fanservice or a slam against women who act hypocritical about their sexuality miss the nuance of her character arc, which J.I.M. spells out twice (in Germaine For Stupids pre-reboot, Exit the Asylum post-reboot), which reveal that Germaine's conflicted feelings about her sexuality are meant to symbolize society's relentless objectification of and high standards of sexuality for women, both of which Germaine deeply resents but can't escape, to the point that the pressure damages her psyche and causes her to act out in both series.
    • On the other hand, the series was originally suppose to have Germaine as the main character with Foamy as the silly sidekick. When people liked Foamy more and Foamy ended up getting more of a spotlight (and a character revamp), people forgot that Germaine was supposed to be the main character and even complained when some episodes focused on her. The reboot seemed to be trying to put Foamy and Germaine on more equal footing.
  • Moment of Awesome: The most recent episode. Foamy whines about Germaine staying in the house again, saying it "blows more balls than [she] does", to which Germaine replies "Then it must suck to be you, ''bitch''."
  • Polished Port: The author started to repost his entire series on YouTube with better encoding and in HD resolution in order to make every episode have the best quality possible. The resubmitted episodes under this format also have a new marking for the creator's web site.
  • Squick: The "erotic chocolates" episode.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: "Exit the Asylum" reveals that all the shenanigans Germaine had in Connecticut were made up in her head to cope with the pressure from society on what her sexuality needs to be and also fearing how men would treat her. She had finally snapped from it all, which sent her to an asylum to recover and return to reality.JIM also bluntly points it out in the episode's description that the episode was to show how badly women are treated by men and how society can warp a woman's perspective on their sexuality and appearance, which could eventually damage her psyche.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Not that her life doesn't suck, but Mammed's right. Get a normal job, Germaine.
    • Germaine herself sometimes gets this when she acts as a Straw Feminist. Is it annoying that she constantly complains about men objectifying her (while at the same time using their lust to her advantage) and society putting ridiculously high pressure on women to look beautiful and sexually appealing for men while at the same time condemning them for being "sluts" for it? Yes. Does she occasionally have a point? Yes.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: This is often the opinion held by people who prefer Germaine's old look.
    • Some are saying this about the reboot due to the reboot having Germaine not getting into many wacky hijinx and just randomly bitches about whatever is bothering her while also getting into her sexual fantasies. The episode, "Yorange", has many people wondering where the direction of the reboot is going due to Germaine doing nothing but sucking on a phallic looking banana and moving it in and out of her mouth as if she was giving it an actual blowjob (and said banana actually "climaxes" in her mouth).
      • Happens again in "The Foamy Cult Oath" which has Foamy having the viewer swear an oath to the Fominian Cult while Germaine is in the background with an acorn attached to her crotch and is jerking it until it squirts. Some fans believe the author has either ran out of ideas or wants to make softcore porn.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In "Squirrel Advice," Foamy is outright dismissive of bisexuality, stating, "Make up your mind. You're either gay or you're not. Pick one!" On the other hand, Germaine asserts that she believes attraction shouldn't be limited by gender, to which Foamy agrees. This leaves Foamy's (and the creator's) stance on bisexuality rather ambiguous, but it's a line that can be uncomfortable for bisexual viewers to hear.

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