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  • Memetic Mutation: "Toy" and "Bassa Sababa"'s music videos. The latter, set in Kiev at Christmastime (so therefore a lot of snow), includes an anamatronic version of her head spitting out a car, Netta turning into a rhinoceros after being rejected at a wedding, computer game style imagery, and dancers and drummers with Pink ball masks.
    • Some contestants at the Tel Aviv Promotion gig prior to Netta's triumph (Romania, Switzerland, San Marino, Armenia, Montenegro, Georgia, North Macedonia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Spain, France, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium) impersonating Toy in a hilarious video. Other acts, such as Eleni Foureira, who turned out to be Netta's only true title rival in Lisbon, not involved at any promotion gigs, but with strong associations to "Toy"'s writer Doron Medalie, danced to, or impersonated, the song at press conferences.