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YMMV / Netsuzou Trap

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Considering the type of series this is, almost everyone qualifies. To run down the list:
    • First, Yuma. On one hand, you can sympathize with her being forced by Hotaru to go along with the latter's sexual advances despite her pleas to stop, but on the other hand, it's hard to get behind her when she starts denying the fact that she's basically cheating on Takeda because she refuses to admit that she and Hotaru have something going on. It doesn't help that the many chances she gets to try and make amends, she blows just to keep messing around.
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    • Hotaru might be the biggest one here, next to Fujiwara. Some people sympathize with her due to the fact that she's being abused by Fujiwara, and that she constantly pushes away Yuma to protect her because she loves her and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Others outright hate her for the fact that she intentionally dates assholes, and even knows that Fujiwara is no different, yet stays with him, and screws around with Yuma's feelings while the latter is horribly confused as to why the girl that she would have sex with is trying to push her away.
    • Fujiwara has the title "Bastard Boyfriend" for a reason. Once the word got out that he abused Hotaru and even asked Yuma for sex after catching them together the first time in exchange for him not telling Takeda, the fandom wanted nothing more than to see his head on a spike. But once it became apparent that him asking Yuma for sex was a Secret Test of Character and that he was trying to get the girls to confess their wrongdoings to Takeda to spare the guy the pain of a broken heart, the hate eased up, and he became this.
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    • Not even Takeda is exempt from this. While not as extreme as the last three, he easily comes across as the best character due to how the other three are assholes, while all he wants is to know what's going on, and doesn't get any answers. The breaking, of course, is lampshaded by Fujiwara to be his naivety towards Yuma, and despite having plenty of reasons to doubt her loyalty, he ultimately takes her side when Fujiwara tells him about what Yuma and Hotaru did behind his back.
  • Broken Base: Ooo boy. People either like the series due to being an unapologetically sexual depiction of lesbians that takes itself seriously and defies most of the genre conventions (like the infamous idea that lesbian relationships are all "pure" and "cute"), or think it is a disastrous wreck that defiles the genre it's supposed to have due to the obviously toxic and unhealthy nature of the main relationship, and the incredibly unlikable cast.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Takeda is the most well liked of the main cast on /a/ due to him being the most sympathetic of he four, and was the subject of a lot of pity due to him staying loyal to Yuma while everyone but him is fooling around behind each others' backs. Him punching out Fujiwara when he sent out photos of Yuma and Hotaru having sex certainly helped.
  • Funny Moments: As some of Yuma's other friends complain about having trouble picking out a career, Hotaru nonchalantly says that she's planning on getting married so she won't have to work. The other girls are furious, and Yuma, dismayed, tells Hotaru not to say things that will result in her making enemies.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Many a joke was had with the idea that Fujiwara and Takeda might take up a relationship with each other while their girlfriends were fooling around together. Lo and behold, manga anthology Gateau (a BL magazine) ends up with a one-shot spinoff chapter of a shippy scene between the two. Even better: the anime end card that features them is drawn by Memeco Arii, author of Gateau staple Hitorijime My Hero.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Fujiwara becomes this later on in the series. While his treatment of Hotaru is looked down upon, the fact that he not only called out Yuma for being a Hypocrite, but when he catches Yuma and Hotaru the second time with a photo, him asking Hotaru to tell Yuma to reveal everything to Takeda or else he'll do so and the photo gets leaked to the entire school, then giving them plenty of chances to do so before ultimately doing so himself earned him some sympathy, noting him to be more kind to Takeda than Yuma ever was. The fact that he got punched by Takeda for telling him about Yuma cheating on him only helped.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Hotaru's meant to be someone who's clearly mentally traumatized (but it does not help that the cause of her cheating and constant seducing of new flings isn't ever brought up), and while the place she's coming from is understandable, it doesn't really excuse her from constantly taking new boyfriends then ditching them when she grows tired of them or just plain cheating on them, as she's doing with the person she's supposed to be a best friend to. While the reveal that Fujiwara abused her was meant to also gain her some pity points and justify her behavior, an earlier line from her suggests she dates Jerkasses even though she knows the consequences full well, making it much harder to feel sympathy for her. While she's still pitiable, a lot of her behavior comes off less like a Broken Bird victim of things beyond her control, and more of someone who is having to face the reality of her poor decisions.

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