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On the main forum:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Anything JH said that was generally ignored. Hayati is also known for these, turning other people into jello, which often forgotten about. However, Goron hasn't ignored it, and uses it for his fursona.
  • Memetic Badass: Hunty and Stal.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Epic Equipment - Please Do Not Use."
      • Pink Fluffy Roll'd!
      • The Icy Taco's ilikemybikeplz.
      • Not Dan!
      • Draw Kiyoshi in a dress!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Fang Of The Dead tends to add little Fridge Horror bits and pieces of this into his works - however, one example isn't Fridge Horror at all: Lord Kass. He intentionally writes Kass to be as bad as the board rules would allow - this quote best illustrates the depths of Kass' depravity:
    Lord Kass: "First, I should make sure Sirocco is locked up and primed for execution by that fat oaf, Skarl, for a crime he didn't commit. Then, have some mercenaries capture Miraja - alive, of course - so I can have her made into one of my soldiers through torture. After that, I take Ashlynne as my bride after sending that old Korbat Darigan to his final resting place - and if Ashlynne doesn't volunteer, I'll just have old Morguss brew up a Love Potion. And then... When everything's all said and done, I have my armies lead assaults spread out across all of Meridell so (the kinghts) will be spread thin - after Sirocco's been executed, naturally - and then - when Ashlynne's locked away in her chambers, totally subservient to me - they burn Meridell to the ground while all the other Knights are busy fighting my collective forces. Finally, I track down the whelp, and, having had Miraja tortured into being the perfect assassin - force him to kill his own wife. And then, when he's broken, having lost everyone he loves... I can either kill him, or keep him alive in the dungeons to torment for the rest of his existence."
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  • Shipping: Attack of the shippers, PFA, Candy, and Kat to name a few.

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