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  • Base-Breaking Character: Tubbs. Is he Big Fun or a Fat Bastard? The conflict is often exaggerated for comic effect, but it's not entirely a Tumblr in-joke. Fans are split on whether he's annoying for eating all the food thus making them refill, or not bothered considering he leaves enough fish to more than pay for the cheapest food.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Pepper. Many fans love how much he stands out due to his eyes.
    • Pickles, for being quite The Woobie, and thus spawning the "Protect Pickles" meme.
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    • Guy Furry has become well-liked in the fandom as well.
    • Billy the Kitten for his utterly hilarious and baffling personality.
    • Sure, Peaches and Apricot are both massive pains in the asses to spot, but they both share pleasant color schemes and adorable names. Peaches is the more popular of the duo thanks to her heart-shaped mark and being the rarest cat of all.
    • Hermeowne, one of the newer cats, is fairly popular because of her name and cute design. It helps that she gives you a memento that actually does something.
  • Fanon: Due to the fact that the cats have no confirmed genders (minus a few rare cats), the fandom usually takes it upon themselves to label which cats are male or female.
    • Cocoa and Marshmallow are commonly seen as female.
    • Guy Furry being depicted as Pickles's older brother and having him be friends with Sassy Fran and Tubbs being their frequent customer is common within fanworks.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Despite being cats, Cocoa and Marshmallow are commonly shipped together.
    • Peaches and Apricot is also rising up in popularity.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: During 2014, the game received a surprise boost in popularity in English-speaking territories, which was likely the reason the game received a translation in said language.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Tubbs, upon arrival, will eat the entire bowl of food that he gets his hands on. That said, there are some tricks to him: he only ever eats from outdoor bowls (so put your expensive food in the indoor bowls) and he actually gives a generous amount of silver fish (and sometimes gold fish) if you let him stay until he voluntarily leaves rather than refilling the bowl to shoo him away. Still, it's a tad irritating to fill a bowl with food only for Tubbs to kill it two minutes later.
    • Players will get sick of seeing Quicksilver pretty quickly, as he's extremely common and has a reasonably high power level. He tends to hog the toys quite a bit, often preventing rarer cats from appearing.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Tubbs's memento is fish jerky. In other words, for all the rep they have as a selfish Big Eater, they held back long enough to give you a food item instead of having it for themselves.
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  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Hot Chocolate for Cocoa and Marshmallow, as well as Fruit Salad for Peaches and Apricot.
  • Love to Hate: Sure, Tubbs likes to selfishly wolf down entire bowls of food...but they look so adorable doing it.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Billy the Kitten's personality being nihilistic. Combine it with an old memetic image about nihilism and you get this.
    • Hobo, Glunkus, and Shitty Bitz. Explanation 
    • Protect Pickles! Explanation 
    • The fact that the cats all have visible anuses.
  • Memetic Troll: Tubbs. You see that smug look on his face as he devours an entire bowl of cat food? That's him showing no remorse about it.
  • Moe:
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The meowing sound that plays under certain contexts, such as buying items or marking a photo as "Best Shot".
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Recurring Fanon Character: Glunkus, a cat seen in a Tumblr user's dream, is a black cat with a ring of sharp teeth as its face. It will only leave when the bowl of "Shitty Bitz" is emptied by it and its friend Hobo.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Unlike many other mobile games with microtransactions, this one does not have any sort of data transfer feature, meaning that if you have to change devices, or if something happens to the storage medium it's on, you'll have to start over with an empty catbook and toy collection. It's possible to transfer data if you're playing the Android version due to the relatively open nature of user data, but it's much harder to work around the limitations of iOS.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge:
    • A popular one is to take photos of every non-rare cat's butt and set each cat's "Best Shot" to a butt shot.
    • An update in early 2016 made it possible for cats to appear face-down for a short period of time (they'll even change during the same visit), so even more challenging is to get shots of every regular cat in this position.
    • The last update of 2017 introduced the possibility of a cat briefly washing itself when you open the game, which is even more hard to photograph as the cat only washes itself for a few seconds and the camera has shutter lag.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel:
    • The cats are all just so adorable to watch. Yes, even Tubbs. It gets better when you get visits from rare cats, such as Sassy Fran the kitty maid and Guy Furry the cat chef.
    • The music that plays whenever it snows. Just listen to it.
    • Peaches has a heart on their fur coat.
    • There's something very endearing and cute about the cats having visible anuses, to the point where some players will fill the Free Album up with just photos of cat butts.
    • One aspect about this game that gives players some relief is that unlike many pet games, you don't actually own these cats; they just happen to stop by because you have food and toys for them. There's little to no Guilt-Based Gaming involved; if you don't put food out for a while it can be inferred that the cats simply go back to their homes, look for other places to get food, etc., and if you want them back after a long period of absence from the game, all you have to do is put food out again.
  • That One Achievement:
    • Peaches. She has the lowest rate of appearing of all the cats, despite the fact that she's not even classified as rare. When she does show up she tends to leave extremely fast, resulting in many a player just barely missing her. It doesn't help that she has a rather low power level. There are some ways to see Peaches, but it relies a lot on patience and timing.
    • Apricot. Similar color scheme, similar fruit theme naming, and similar rarity as Peaches. However, they have an even lower power level at a meager 10, making them even harder to spot.
    • It is possible to get Tubbs to show up on the large cushion, but more often not they'll just gobble an entire food bowl instead.
    • Sapphire and Jeeves are hard to attract. The fairy tale parasol/tower of treats is the easy part. The problem is, said parasol/tower cannot be occupied in the "slots" the two appear in by cats of a higher power level, since both Sapphire and Jeeves always appear together. While Jeeves has a high power level of 210, Sapphire's is at a low 20, meaning that if any other cat besides Pickles or Apricot are in her spot, neither of the two will appear.
    • Whiteshadow, being an actual Cat Ninja, is also hard to see because he just pops up randomly in the background, although it appears he likes Sashimi most of all.
    • Sooty, the new normal cat introduced in the first 2018 update, is another one who appears rarely and leaves fast.
    • Sassy Fran isn't as hard to attract as some other cats, but she still almost never appears and leaves almost instantly. It doesn't help that the item required to see her is fairly pricey. At least her power level's reasonably high.
    • Spooky is yet another cat that rarely appears and leaves almost immediately. Their power level is even worse than the above-mentioned Peaches, coming in at a meager 35.
    • Maple and Caramel, who were both introduced in the April 2019 update, are fairly hard to spot, as they, again, appear and disappear quickly. While Caramel's case is somewhat mitigated by them having the highest power level of any common cat, Maple doesn't share the same luxury, and has a fairly average power level of 99. To make matters worse, they like many of the same toys, meaning that Caramel will often prevent Maple from appearing.
  • The Woobie: Pickles; due to their power level of 0, they have the worst priority of any cat over toys, and are described as having a "faint-hearted" personality. Needless to say, protect Pickles!
  • Uncanny Valley: It's hard to see Tubbs as a cat when they have very un-cat-like proportions, so imagining them walking leads to some really weird imagery. More than anything, Tubbs looks like a recolored Snorlax.
  • Woolseyism: The cats' names in Japan are literally their breed/coat colors (e.g. Gozer's Japanese name roughly translates to "Tricolor"). When the game was translated to English, the cats were renamed to either conventional cat names or pop culture references.


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